Review: Jimmyjane Live Sexy Ascend 4

Thanks to my wand-loving blogger buddies (notably Wand Queen Sarah Brynn Holliday), I've been venturing more and more into the land of vibrators that provide broader, deeper stimulation.  But as much as I've come to appreciate wands, they are usually large and don't lend themselves well to travel. The Ascend 4 from Jimmyjane caught...
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Safer Sexting: A Guide to Keeping Your Pics Private

I love sexting.  I love sending sexy pictures.  I love the confidence boost that comes from an enthusiastic response, knowing my partner is turned on by what they see.  I love getting sexts in return, and telling my partner all the things I want to do with them next time we meet.  It's a fantastic way to get the rush of...
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Moving Sex Toys – Getting My Dicks In A Row

I finally got the last of the dildos out of my storage unit.  Now there's a sentence you don't read every day.  But then again, it's not every day that a sex blogger has to relocate their extensive (and heavy) collection of sex toys.  Moving is generally a time-consuming, difficult endeavor but in my case, there were some unique challenges.

Moving All...

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Anticipation and Adventure

Anticipation.  It's delicious and terrifying at the same time, poised on the brink of a new adventure with someone you've been crushing on.  Savoring the slow progression from "fun to imagine but couldn't possibly happen" to "wait, was he checking me out?" and starting to wonder if maybe something could come of it after all (yeah, pun is absolutely 100% intended). ...
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Review: Teddy Love

Back when Teddy Love was first being introduced to the world via a crowdfunding campaign, I had some strong feelings about this bear.  I'm guessing that the folks behind Teddy Love were unaware of this post when they emailed me, offering a bear of my very own to review.  I almost deleted the email without responding.  Why would I want to review...
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Review: Doxy Die Cast

The Doxy Die Cast is one of the most impressive looking sex toys on the market.  The shiny aluminum body and sleek black silicone head tell you immediately that this vibe is a badass.  It is not kidding around.  It is here to stimulate genitals and chew bubble gum, and it is all out of bubble gum.  Weighing in...
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Squishing Off: Textured Clit Stimulation

The tail of a colorful fish. A bumpy, glittery egg. The snout of a tyrannosaurus rex. A Christmas tree. What do these things have in common?  In silicone form, they’ve all gotten me off.  Even though these odd-shaped bits of soft silicone weren’t necessarily intended for use as sex toys, "squishing off" has become a welcome and fun addition to my repertoire.

Wait...How Does That Work?

Squishing off...
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Ninja Adventures: Tulip Toy Gallery

It can be challenging to balance my ordinary, day-to-day life with my sex blogger world.  But sometimes, in a happy coincidence, I'm able to capitalize on my business travel to meet up with other bloggers or explore sex-positive activities and venues.  Recently, I spent a few days in Chicago and found myself a short hop from Tulip Toy Gallery.  I'd seen photos...
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