Review: Tantus Echo Handle

As someone who enjoys vigorous thrusting with dildos, I’m sometimes frustrated by toys with unwieldy bases or large, heavy balls.  I understand the reasons for those designs: harness compatibility, anal safety, more realistic appearance and such.  But when I saw the Echo Handle from Tantus, my heart skipped a beat.  This was clearly a toy made for thrusting!Echo HandleIn addition to being body-safe, non-porous and easy to clean, Tantus’ firm silicone is well-suited for this type of design.  The handle is rigid enough to keep thrusts on target, but does have slight flexibility.  The surface of the handle has a matte texture, contrasting with the sleek smoothness of the rest of the toy.  That can be helpful in maintaining your grip on the toy when your hands may be slick with lube.  I enjoy the handle base of this toy not only because it is more comfortable to hold than a traditional base, but because it extends my reach.  I can lean back, relax and still easily achieve deep penetration.  The handle is also very convenient if you are camming or sexting, allowing for a fairly unobstructed view.  In so many ways, the handle design lived up to my expectations.

But enough about the handle… let’s talk about the business end of this thing.  The insertable portion of the Echo Handle has a series of deep ridges, which provide intense sensation on both inward and outward strokes.  Since the ridges run the full length of the toy, there is constant stimulation.  While I am a proud size queen, I find that this fairly average (1.5″ maximum diameter) size toy packs an impressive punch.  In addition to the wavy ridges, the Echo Handle has a fairly pronounced head.  If you are new to sex toys or texture sensitive, it may not be the best choice for you.

 Echo Handle Close

The Echo Handle‘s shiny silicone is has almost no drag once lube is applied.  While some toys in my collection are terrible lube hogs, I rarely need to re-apply lube with the Echo.  In my experience, only glass and steel toys are smoother than Tantus silicone.  The silk-smooth finish and wavy texture pair very well.  The ridges glide over my G spot perfectly, and feel especially delicious on slow, deep thrusts.  With the right angle and more rapid thrusting, I’ve found I can squirt with this toy… even late at night, when I have neglected to put a towel on the bed.  Oops.

As with all silicone toys, clean up is easy.  You can give it a wash with soap and water for basic clean up.  Boiling or soaking in a 10% bleach solution will sterilize the Echo Handle.  The dishwasher (without soap) is also a good cleaning option.

Just in case you needed another reason to consider the Echo Handle, it is available as a Grab Bag toy on the Tantus website.  Grab Bag toys come in surprise colors and are deeply discounted.  If you don’t think you’re ready to handle the Echo Handle, you can check out the Leisure or Silk Grab Bag options.

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  • Camryn
    March 4, 2014

    I want a handled toy, they look so cool and I like thrusting. You make the Echo sound so yummy! I’m still worried it’s too much texture for me, but it’s worth a shot!

    • Lunabelle
      March 4, 2014

      The Goddess Handle looks a little less intense if you’re worried about texture. I haven’t tried that one though.

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