I like big toys and I cannot lie

Hi, my name is Lunabelle, and I’m a size queen.  It all started with the Tantus Anaconda.  I was initially attracted by the handle, but what clinched the purchase was reading reviews about its larger than average (1.75″) girth.  Some reviewers didn’t like it, but those who did seemed to REALLY enjoy it.  I knew I had no trouble with toys of 1.5″ diameter, so I gave it a shot.  And the rest, as they say, is history.  I did like it, and I wondered how even thicker toys would feel.  I moved on to 2″ girth toys, like the Vixskin Maverick.  I found that I loved the super-full feeling of large toys, that they get me off in an supremely intense way.  I wanted to experiment further, but had a hard time finding toys over two inches in girth in body-safe materials.  In a fit of desperation, I googled “wide silicone dildo” and found Bad Dragon.  It was like I had stepped through the looking glass into Dildo Wonderland.  Exotic shapes, wild colors…and everything in a variety of sizes.

As awed as I was by Bad Dragon, it took me months to get comfortable with the idea of purchasing one of their toys.  It wasn’t a lack of  desire… every time I looked at those thick toys, I wanted one more and more.  But there was a shaming voice in my head that told me something must be wrong with me.  Every toy I had owned up to that point was modeled to some extent after a human penis.  What did it mean that I was excited by these strange and sometimes animalistic shapes?  Was I a freak for wanting toys bigger than the mainstream market was offering?

I know the answers now: the shapes are filling, the textures unique, and my excitement meant that I wanted to know what those pieces of silicone would feel like inside me.  Fantasy toys are about new and different sensations, there’s nothing scary or sinister about them.  I may be unusual in my taste for the largest of toys, but I am far from alone.  Through the Bad Dragon forums, I met others who enjoy that filled-up feeling and talked about it openly.  They proudly proclaimed themselves size queens and helped me to embrace the title as well.

When I eventually told a trusted friend that I was looking at Bad Dragon toys, I was strongly encouraged to go for it.  Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have that kind of support.  There are a lot of people who say negative things or spread misinformation about the use of larger sex toys.  My goal in writing this post is to counter some of this nonsense.  While there are variations, they all boil down to the myth that your vagina will be Ruined Forever.  You will never again feel pleasure from having a penis in your vagina.  Any penis daring to enter your cavernous mega-vag will be doomed to dissatisfaction.  People will hear your stretched-out vagina flapping as you walk.  Tampons will fall out.  Internal organs may fall out.  Civilization as we know it may collapse, all because of people putting big sex toys into their vaginas!  OH, THE HUMANITY…

In case you couldn’t see the sarcasm dripping down your screen, these kinds of comments are utterly ridiculous.  For one thing, there’s an assumption in these arguments that every owner of a vagina wants a penis in it.  I think we can all agree that this is problematic.  But let’s talk basic human anatomy for a moment… like the definition of the word “vagina”.


There’s an important word here, and that word is “muscular”.  Muscles stretch, and muscles contract.  Think about a gymnast doing a split.  That involves some serious muscle stretching.  But does the gymnast lose the ability to walk normally when she gains the flexibility to do a split?  No.  Muscles are elastic, they snap back.  Of course, it’s possible to injure yourself by stretching too much too fast.  Just as doing a split takes training, increases in toy girth should be taken gradually.  As long as you take it slow, listen to your body and use plenty of lube, there’s nothing to worry about.   The vagina is designed to stretch… and spring back.

Now that we’ve established the magical physical properties of vaginas, we can move onward to the more subjective topic of pleasure.   Does the use of large toys mean that smaller toys/fingers/a penis are no longer satisfying?  Has that filled-up feeling become the center of my sexual existence, to which nothing else can compare?  No, not at all.  Since I’m fond of analogies, I’ll use another one here.   Even though I like pizza, I don’t want it every time I’m hungry.  Just as I’d get bored eating the same kind of food every day, I don’t always want the same kind of sexual stimulation.  My size queen toys are a wonderful addition to the masturbation menu, but I still have an appetite for the rest of my collection.  And nothing in my collection, large or small, has decreased my desire for (or enjoyment of) sex.  Sex and solo play are entirely different experiences, a toy is not a replacement for a person.  Toys don’t kiss my neck, or whisper sweet dirty nothings in my ear.  Toys don’t gasp with pleasure at a touch.  Toys don’t have the warmth, the spark, the unpredictability of interacting with another human being.



  • Camryn
    March 4, 2014

    Good for you! I’m happy for you; you discovered a sensation that you really like, and you didn’t let that fearmongering get in the way.
    I hope you got some cool colorations on your Bad Dragon toys. They make some gorgeous stuff.

    • Lunabelle
      March 4, 2014

      Bad Dragon does make gorgeous toys. I’ll be posting more pics of them, as well as some of my custom toys from other vendors. May actually do a post on the topic of where you can buy custom toys…

  • Dangerous Lilly
    March 4, 2014

    A penis is a horse of a different color. Frankly I would be fearful of a penis the size of my largest dildo. Sex would HURT! With the dildo I can control it, and if I don’t want to thrust, I don’t have to. It would be pretty unfair to ask a partner to never thrust or only do tiny, shallow strokes.

    • Lunabelle
      March 4, 2014

      Yes, control is key! I have been seriously thinking about bringing one of my larger toys into partner play though…I’m confident that the level of communication between us can make it work.

  • Bex
    March 4, 2014

    Loving this post so much! It’s delightfully empowering and puts some great messages out there for people who may be struggling with the unfounded shame and stigma society has around this. Also, this bit:

    “Any penis daring to enter your cavernous mega-vag will be doomed to dissatisfaction. People will hear your stretched-out vagina flapping as you walk. Tampons will fall out. Internal organs may fall out.”

    …triggered a fit of giggling I’m not sure I will ever fully recover from.

    • slimjimpencil
      January 13, 2016

      it’s biologically proven that girth provides more pleasure as women prefer the feeling of being opened up and stuffed full. the pleasure a woman gets from a thick penis cannot be achieved with a skinny one. not saying a woman can’t cum from a thin penis but that a thin penis will NEVER provide as much pleasure as a thick one (as long as she gets used to the thickness). girth will only not matter IF she’s never experienced girth much thicker than yours. if a vagina is used to something skinnier, then you will feel thick.

      for example
      woman A
      ex has 6 inch GIRTH
      current has 5 inch GIRTH

      woman B
      ex has 4 inch GIRTH
      current has 5 inch GIRTH

      woman A will enjoy the current MUCH LESS than woman B even though they are the same girth. why? because woman a has experienced thicker (much thicker) and has been stretched and opened up a lot more than woman b so the downgrade in girth will cause her to not feel as ‘full’.

      in this same light though, women need to stop pedaling this nonsense that the vagina “snaps back”. of course the examples you made were clear exaggerations but a woman cannot be as tight as she was after being stretched out for a long period of time.

      think of the pussy like an elastic band. if it’s stretched around a wide thick object for a long period, what will eventually happen? 1) it will fit around the said wide object fairly easily as it has been stretched to accommodate that exact shape but 2) it will never grip a thinner stack as tight as it would have BEFORE and will feel loose around the thin object.

      i have NOTHING against a woman stretching out her pussy, ater all it feels good. i’m just saying MEN can feel the difference DEPENDING on their girth (for eg. a guy with a thick penis may still think you’re ‘tight’ but a guy with average or skinny girth may think you’re loose).

      • Lunabelle
        January 14, 2016

        Dude. “Stretched around a wide thick object for a long period of time” could, theoretically, be an issue. But sex/masturbation is not something most people are doing for hours on end. And even if it were, muscles don’t wear out like the elastic that holds up your socks. You swallow food every day…has your esophagus become loose? Didn’t think so. Please cease and desist trying to tell people that you know how their genitals work better than they do.

        At any rate, I thank you for stopping by and providing such a perfect example of why this post (and others like it) need to be out in the world.

        • Insert Trans Here
          August 15, 2016

          I know that I’m late to the game, but definitely thank you for your post. I wish there was something like this for the booty size queens (and kings), because I’ve always heard people talking about how “your ass is going to be so blown out that you’ll poop yourself” “that you’ll be super lose” and it’s absolute bullshit. For years, I always felt that I was doing something gross. Not using anal toys, but using big toys and wanting bigger. I’ve definitely moved pass that fear and shame by now, but there are others who still have to listen to bullshit from people like the guy above.

          Anyways sorry for rambling. Love you big toy collection, definitely looking to add a few to my own collection.

          Have a lovely day.

          • Lunabelle
            August 15, 2016

            I agree that a corresponding butt post is definitely in order! I’m probably not the person for the job though…my ass is stubborn and persnickety about any toy other than my Pure Plug.

  • Secretly Sensuous
    March 21, 2014

    Just stumbled upon your blog and love this posts. I’m not a size queen myself, but was going to research the subject in case I become one and wanted to feel free to head in that direction if I wanted to.

    Your post was so interesting and all the educational I need for now, perfect!

    …and I’m lusting over BD toys too, but alas most of them are too big for my 1.75″ current limit…. *cries*

    • Lunabelle
      March 21, 2014

      Awesome! If you’re looking to expand your horizons (see what I did there), BD does have a couple of good options with a nice taper so you can work up to greater width. Moko would be my personal recommendation, as it’s smooth, curved and tapered. If you are into serious texture, Clayton also has a tapered shape. The Tailstretcher and Winston’s Tail are meant more as anal toys, but I’ve heard they work well vaginally too.

      I’m working on a list of tips to help those wanting to take larger toys… hope to have it up soon!

  • Mr. Will
    April 7, 2014

    *grin* I like big toys too, but toys are the breadth of my experiences as far as insertables go. 🙂

    • Lunabelle
      April 7, 2014

      LOL…we’re from different worlds there. I am always impressed by folks who can manage larger butt toys. My rear says a big “nope” most of the time, even to things like the Tantus Little Flirt.

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