My Other Birthday List

In the middle of March, without fail, my mom asks what I want for my birthday.  As usual, I came up with some perfectly tame and ordinary suggestions of little treats I’d enjoy.  I also thought of a bunch of things I’d like that I most assuredly could not tell my mother.  I decided I’ll share them here instead, where I won’t inflict any emotional scarring.  In no particular order, these are my other birthday wishes…

There have been entirely too many incidents of wet sheets lately, so a Fascinator Throe seems like a logical place to start.  The tan would match my bedroom, but the fluffy purple one is my favorite.  It’s a wish list, I don’t feel like being practical.Fluffy purple Fascinator ThroeNext, some things to enjoy on my cushy new sheet protector.  I’ve heard such great things about the rumbly power of the little We-Vibe Tango.  Now that the new and improved edition is out, I think it’s time to try it for myself.We Vibe Tango

To accompany the Tango, a couple of big toys I’ve been coveting: the Njoy Eleven and Vamp Silicone’s Carina.  The contrast of steel and softskin silicone would make a great pairing, and Vamp’s Black Pearl color looks gorgeous!


To match the throe and add a little spark to partner play, a purple Kinklab Neon Wand would be perfect.  It looks like a gentle introduction to electrosex play… from a light tingle to a sharper buzz.


And finally, to close out my list and the purple theme, the X1 Orgasmatron with Polly attachment.  The attachment lets almost any dildo with a harness compatible base to gyrate and vibrate.  I’m curious about how my Vixskin Maverick would feel in this.


I think maybe I’ll splurge and pick something off my list as a birthday treat for myself. Advice and/or suggestions are welcome…I’d love to hear what you’d pick, or what other items I should consider.

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