Review: Picobong Ako Outie Vibe

I think it’s fitting that I received the Picobong Ako Outie Vibe from the awesome folks at Burlesque Toys as Easter approaches. This vibrator looks like a giant jelly bean!  Memo to the Easter Bunny: toss this in a basket with a few Tenga eggs, a rabbit vibe and some chocolate for the grown ups out there.  The Outie is available in pink, purple and blue.  I was happy to get my favorite color, purple.




The Picobong Ako Outie is made of silicone and ABS plastic, both non-porous and body safe materials.  The Outie’s silicone is matte and velvety, similar to its more expensive Lelo cousins. The silicone is a thin coating over hard plastic, so there’s no give or squish.  As with all silicone toys, I recommend sticking to water-based lube because some silicone lubes can damage silicone toys.  Soap and water or toy cleaner are fine for everyday clean up.  If you need to sterilize the toy, use a 10% bleach solution, rinse thoroughly and allow it to dry.

Like other Picobong toys, the Outie runs on two AAA batteries. It is waterproof, but compared to some waterproof toys I’ve used, it doesn’t take much of a twist to open the battery compartment. I was able to easily wash it without the compartment opening, but I’d advise caution taking it in the bathtub.


Outie button view


Outie is controlled with three buttons along its side. The plus and minus signs control intensity, the “M” button cycles through 12 vibration patterns. I really like being able to control the intensity of the patterns, which is not a typical feature of vibes in this price range. The button arrangement is easy to use, and the spacing is great for larger hands (like mine). As far as the patterns go, my favorites are the “mid pulse” and the “flash full wave”.  It does have a travel lock feature, activated by pushing and holding the plus and minus buttons at the same time.  While I could certainly take the batteries out, having a travel lock is a more elegant way to avoid a buzzing suitcase.


Illustration of vibration patterns


You can probably guess by the name that Outie is not designed for insertion. This vibrator is small, about 5 inches long and about 1.4 inches in diameter.  Besides the short length, if you do try to insert the toy, the buttons disappear into your vagina. The Outie is absolutely not safe for anal use due to the lack of a flared base to keep it from slipping into the void.  I found that the Outie works best nestled lengthwise between my labia. The curve is just right to fit against me, and vibrations feel strongest along the sides of the toy.  Using the tip for targeted stimulation is less impressive, especially when compared to thinner, tapered toys like the We Vibe Tango.

Outie's available colorsBy definition, any toy that runs on AAA batteries won’t be a super-duper powerhouse. But for its size and power source, the Outie is very respectable. I found the highest intensity to be a tad too buzzy for me, but the second highest setting gave me a couple of lovely orgasms.  A set of batteries is said to last through 2 hours of use.  I had seen some reviews  that said the Outie chewed through batteries quickly, but my experience was in line with Picobong’s 2 hour estimate.

For the $39 price tag, the Picobong Ako Outie is a solid vibe: body safe, reasonably powerful, not too buzzy.   The adjustable pattern intensity and travel lock are nice touches.  Picobong toys also come with a one year warranty.  This vibe could be a good choice for introducing sex toys to a partner. It would be fun for some teasing foreplay, and would also snuggle up nicely to a partner’s scrotum or perineal area.  If you want more power or prefer more focused stimulation, consider saving up for a We Vibe Tango or Salsa.

Burlesque Toys provided me with the Picobong Ako Outie free of charge in exchange for an honest review.  Sadly, Burlesque has now closed its doors but you can still pick up the Outie at SheVibe



  • Camryn
    May 2, 2014

    Now that you’ve pointed it out, it does look like a great big jelly bean. *giggles* I’m glad you enjoyed your jelly bean vibe. It sounds like it was sweet! (I’m 4)

    • Lunabelle
      May 2, 2014

      LOL…I can’t resist a good pun either. Like calling the cactus a “succulent beauty”.

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