My First Tantus Training Class!

Even before I started blogging, I’d been hearing about the great Tantus online classes taught by Ducky Doolittle.  I was thrilled to see that this month’s class, (“Bigger, Better Orgasms for Her”) was able to fit into my crazy schedule.  Of course, it required some creative juggling.  Wrapping up work on time was no problem, but joining the class from home wasn’t going to work with three curious kids running around.  So I found myself a quiet corner booth at a café with free wi-fi, grabbed a cup of coffee and settled in for my educational experience.  No one could see my screen, and no one thought there was anything odd about a woman sipping coffee and working on her computer on a Wednesday afternoon.  Behold, my ninja stealth skills in action!

After popping in my earbuds, I heard the bright and engaging voice of Ducky Doolittle coming through loud and clear.  While some online presentations can feel dry and distant, Ducky drew me right in.  Her enthusiasm for sharing her knowledge is contagious…and I have to say, it was neat to hear the voice of someone whose tweets and articles I’ve enjoyed so much.  Her teaching style is friendly and conversational, the polar opposite of the painfully boring sex ed lectures that I endured in middle and high school. Ducky started by teaching us about clitoral anatomy, and the muscles involved in the female orgasm.  And then, she said something that led to a personal revelation for me.  She talked about how the strength of the pelvic muscles influence the intensity of orgasms, then said that “anxious women tend to be awesome orgasmers” because they may carry that tension in their pelvic muscles.

You see, I’m very much one of those anxious women.  In spite of that, I’ve spent more than a decade in a job that requires public speaking.  I learned early that clenching my jaw or scrunching my hands into fists wasn’t going to help me make a good impression.  What I didn’t realize until now is that I had learned to flex muscles that no one would notice… specifically in my pelvis and abdomen.  Not only are these imperceptible to my audience, they have the pleasant side effect of improving my posture and making me appear more confident than I actually am.  Win-win situation.  And apparently, my nervous habit has also contributed to the strength of my orgasms…a silver lining to the dark cloud of my anxiety.   I’ll remember that the next time I’m having a rough day.

The class would have more than worth my time at that point, but Ducky went on to teach us about the history of sex toys (they’re older than you think!), debunking the myth of vibrators de-sensitizing the clitoris, and why different women enjoy different types and intensity of stimulation.  As a blogger, I felt that last part was an important lesson.  A toy that’s a total flop for me could end up being another person’s favorite, so it’s important to keep an open mind 1

I really can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed this class.  The material was useful to me personally as well as in my capacity as a blogger.   I will definitely be signing up for more Tantus classes in the future…I can hardly wait to see what I’ll learn next time!

  1. Of course, if the toy has safety concerns, quality issues or fundamental design flaws, I’m still going to point those out.
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  • Camryn
    August 7, 2014

    I never thought of that! I carry tension in my lower body as well and I blame that for my problems with penetration . It never occured to me that it also strengthens my orgasms. What a lovely bit of information ^-^

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