Review: Pleasure Works Dotted Delight

I like textured toys.  And I like toys with a nice G-spot hugging curve.  But you know what?  Those two don’t come together as often as they should.  There are lots and lots of G-spot targeting toys in the world but many of them are sleek and smooth.  Think of the Pure Wand, Ella, Mona, Comet Wand… not a ridge, ripple or bump to be found.

The combination of two of my favorite things piqued my interest in the Dotted Delight.  Those round nubs looked like the perfect complement to the bulbous head and moderate curve.  It’s also a nice size for a G-spot toy, satisfying without being overly large.  The Dotted Delight is 7 inches long, with a maximum diameter of 1.5 inches.  It comes in purple.  It’s a true, bright, Crayola crayon purple… not a pale lavender or pinkish magenta color.   The dots add texture from the base to about halfway up the shaft.

Dotted Delight Side

This toy also has two holes to insert bullet vibrators, and two watch battery bullets are included.  Like all watch battery bullets, these are pretty weak and buzzy.  The vibrations mostly get eaten by the silicone, even when using both vibes.  If you have a stronger bullet shaped vibe, you can (and should) pop that in instead.  I had much better results with my Tango.  Since there are two bullet holes, you could theoretically stick a Tango in each one.  Someday, I hope to be able to try this in the name of science… and because it would mean I own two Tangos.

Dotted Delight bulletholes

The Dotted Delight’s silicone is on the firm side, able to bend somewhat but lacking any significant squish factor.  The firmness is ideal to allow the texture of the dots to be felt.  Because the dots are large and rounded, they are surprisingly gentle but still provide nice frontal wall stimulation.  If you’re looking to branch out from smooth toys to something more textured, the Dotted Delight could be a good place to start.  I did find myself wishing that the dots extended higher up toward the head so they could be felt more on short thrusts.  I have a tendency to thrust faster but less deeply as I approach orgasm, so texture/details toward the top of a toy are important to me.

The Dotted Delight is made of glossy, shiny silicone, and as such has a tendency to attract more lint/fuzz/hair than matte toys.  Like all silicone, it’s easily cleaned with soap and water, and can be sterilized by boiling or soaking in a 10% bleach solution.  I prefer to stick to water based lube with silicone toys.  If you want to try a silicone lube, spot test a small area on the base first.  If the spot you test gets tacky, that lube isn’t compatible with this toy and the two shouldn’t be used together.

Dotted delight head on view

The firmness of the Dotted Delight, curve and prominent head make it a solid and enjoyable G-spot stimulator.  The ability to add vibration is a nice touch, and while the dots don’t extend the length of the shaft, they do add to the overall experience.  At $52, this toy is also reasonably priced for a quality silicone dildo.  You can grab your own Dotted Delight at Good Vibrations.  If you prefer a simpler, smoother G-spot toy, the Pleasure Works Siren is a great alternative.

Thanks to Good Vibrations for providing me with the Dotted Delight free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

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  • Camryn
    August 7, 2014

    I’d like to try this one! I have 2 Salsas and using both of them simultaneously is very nice (If a bit tricky to maneuver), so a dildo that holds them both sounds really good to me!

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