Help Burlesque Toys Get a Brick and Mortar Store!

Hey, have you heard?  Burlesque Toys, one of my favorite online stores, just launched an IndieGoGo campaign to open a store in Philadelphia.  I’m excited because Burlesque is a sex-positive retailer that promotes education and sells only body-safe sex toys.  They also carry unique, beautiful lingerie, and their site has a welcoming, artistic flair.

Selfishly, I’m also excited because I visit Philadelphia periodically and I’d love the chance to experience the Burlesque atmosphere in person.  But even if you never set foot in the store, Burlesque’s brick and mortar location still has benefits to offer.  Having a physical location will allow them to expand their selection of merchandise online as well.  If that’s not enough to motivate you, the campaign offers a variety of perks in return for your contribution.  Gift certificates, poetry, one of a kind tattoo tights, the coveted Lelo Mona 2…any of these can be yours for helping build the Burlesque Toys store.

So how do you help?  Get yourself over to Burlesque’s IndieGoGo page, pick your perk and make your donation.  Every little bit helps… rewards start at just a $5 contribution.   The campaign runs through September 21st, spread the word and support Burlesque Toys!

Update: Sadly, Burlesque Toys has closed its doors.  They will be missed!
Burlesque IndieGoGo Banner

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