Review: Exotic-Erotics Raptor (Medium)

Having reviewed the T-Rex, I’m now moving on to conquer another ferocious dinosaur.  Cue the Jurassic Park theme music, it’s the Exotic-Erotics Raptor!  Though admittedly, I don’t recall this particular piece of dino anatomy being featured in the movie…


The Raptor is known for its enormous claws. Among other things.

I saw the Raptor at Exotic-Erotics shortly after its release, and promptly begged for the chance to review it.  Why was I so intrigued?  It’s curved for G-spot stimulation. It’s nice and thick, without being overly long. It has some unique texture going on, both on the shaft and base of the toy. And while we’re talking about the base, there’s that big fat ridge to grind against. This is not a silly little clit-stimulating arm that won’t reach, or that’s too flimsy to accomplish anything other than a frustrating tickle… the ridge means business.

Raptor ridge

You know I’m all about that base…

As you might have noticed, the other fabulous thing about the Raptor is how colorful it can be.  You can select up to three colors for the Raptor: one for the shaft, one for the base and one for the “feathers” that frame the base.  Considering that the color options include glow-in-the-dark and fluorescents, you can create a truly dazzling dinosaur.  Update: As of February 2015, Exotic-Erotics has added metallic and pearlescent colors to its options for all toys.

The Raptor is available in four sizes.  Mine is the medium, which has 7.5 inches of usable length and a maximum width of about 3 inches.   For vaginas and butts with a lighter appetite, the small Raptor is 5.5 inches long with a maximum width of about 2.25 inches.  The large is big enough to make this certified girth fanatic stare in awe at its diameter of 3.84 inches.  And if that’s still not enough for you, there’s a behemoth of an XL Raptor at 4.69 inches in diameter, also suitable for use as a lawn ornament and/or for bludgeoning home intruders.

When I got the Raptor in my hands, I was able to truly appreciate its details: the perfect symmetry of the two-pronged shaft, the neat row of bumps that run up the back, the way the yellow feathers blend neatly into the green base.


And then it was time to put the Raptor to the test… after a good warm up and a healthy dose of lube, of course!  This is not the kind of toy I can jump right into, even if it is tapered and relatively smooth.  The first thing I learned about the Raptor is that those two very flexible prongs at the tip feel almost like little tongues against my clit.  That was a pleasant surprise, and it definitely helped me get warmed up.  If you want to know more about how I work up to a large toy like this, have a look over here.

For such a beast of a toy, the Raptor is surprisingly gentle.  Other than the nubs running up the underside of the shaft, its silicone is smooth and slick.  There’s no grabby feeling or rough matte texture here.  Even the bottom bulge, big as it is, is more gradual that the abrupt knot on some fantasy toys.  And once that bulge was tackled, I was rewarded with full contact with that ridge on the base.

As expected, the ridge aligned beautifully with my clit.  Grinding on that with the thick shaft filling me up is bliss, and not like anything else I have ever tried.  There’s just one caveat: make sure to apply lube to the ridge, otherwise the scale texture can get overwhelming.  With proper lubrication, the Raptor delivered awesome, hands-free orgasms.  The Raptor’s description also mentions use as a thrusting toy.  While I was able to sort of make that work, it’s extremely awkward to hold due to the heavy base.  In my book, this is a riding toy, plain and simple.


If you’re a girth fanatic in search of new sensations, I highly recommend that you head over to Exotic-Erotics and check out the Raptor.  If you prefer thinner or non-knotted toys, they have plenty of other options to offer, like Cody Mini or the Orca.  All of their toys are 100% body-safe silicone, so you really can’t go wrong.

Exotic-Erotics provided the Raptor free of charge in exchange for my honest review.



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