Review: Blush Novelties OHM Guru G

I was drawn to Blush Novelties’ OHM Guru G vibrator by a couple of things. First, it’s on the larger side for a vibrator, with a maximum diameter of 1.75 inches. Bigger, body safe vibes are something of a rarity.  I’m a girth lover so it was a perfect fit, pun very much intended. I also adored the mint green color on this toy. I don’t often request a specific color when I’m reviewing. In this case I made an exception, putting it on my wish list with a color preference. The deep purply-pink berry color is nice enough, but missing that green would have been a crying shame.

The Guru G has a simple design, a straight shaft topped with a round ball tip. There is a slight taper at mid-shaft.  The insertable length is just shy of 6 inches, and is covered in smooth, matte silicone.  Unlike other vibrators that claim to be flexible (I’m looking at you, Jimmyjane), the Guru G actually does bend impressively.  I could flex it close to 90 degrees in any direction in my hands.  Note that this toy doesn’t have any kind of flared base, so it is not anal safe.  It is, however, waterproof.

Flexed vibrator

The Guru G runs on three AAA batteries. I’m going to level with you: No vibrator running on AAA batteries is going to hold a candle to the rumbly power of a quality rechargeable (or if you’re really wanting to rattle your fillings, an AC powered vibe). If you need serious vibrations to get off, this is not the toy for you. As AAA vibes go, the Guru G is OK. The vibrations are concentrated in the small, rounded tip. I happen to like my vibrations focused but not pinpoint, so that’s a plus in my book.

Guru G vibe head on

There are 5 power settings and 5 vibration patterns. The first two vibration levels worked well for me, not overly buzzy or numbing. I was able to orgasm pretty easily on both of those settings, though I preferred the lowest one. By setting 3, things started going downhill. Setting 5 is a numbing, high-pitched whiny buzz that made my clit sad. Internally, only the lowest setting did anything for me and that was somewhat underwhelming. The Guru G just isn’t rumbly enough to rock my G-spot, even when bending it to focus the vibrations.  That’s kind of a shame, because the flexibility and rounded tip would be amazing if combined with a nice, strong rumble.

While we’re on the subject of settings, the Guru G is controlled with a single button. One small button at that.  I measured the little bugger, and it’s barely a quarter inch in diameter.  This might work for a user with small hands, but it was awkward for me.  Ironically, the fact that I only liked the lowest setting made the button less of an issue.

Guru Button

The OHM Guru G from Blush Novelties is a decent, body safe battery powered vibe for its price point. It didn’t dazzle me, but it didn’t leave me frustrated in my quest for orgasms either. If you’re looking for a reasonably priced G-spot vibe with a little more oomph, the PicoBong Moka would be fine choice. Among rechargeable G-spot vibes, I (and something like 80% of the blogging community) would suggest Lelo’s Mona 2. If you’re craving a thicker vibe with deep, rumbly vibrations, go with the Fun Factory Big Boss.  Rechargeable vibes are significantly more expensive, but also much more satisfying when used internally.

The OHM Guru G was provided to me free of charge by Blush Novelties in exchange for my honest review.  You can buy the OHM Guru G at SheVibe.


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