Review: Blush Novelties Suko and Sumo

I’ve learned many things in my brief time as a sex blogger.  One of those is that dual density silicone is amazing stuff.  You get stiff, thrustable silicone all wrapped up in a blanket of softer silicone goodness.  It’s the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of the dildo world, two great things that are even better together.  The Real Nudes line from Blush Novelties is made of this magical material, and I’m glad I got to give two of those toys a try.

The designs of the Real Nudes line are stylized enough to get past my usual dislike of flesh tones on realistic toys.  Suko is in their lighter color called Almond, Sumo is the slightly darker Toffee.  Since this line is called “Real Nudes”, I think it would be great if they offered at least one additional darker shade.  There’s a significant portion of the population not represented by Toffee and Almond.

Suko and Sumo are made with Blush Novelties’ Sensa Feel dual density silicone.  I’ve tried a number of different dual density products (Tantus O2, Vixskin, Vamp Silicone Softskin) and I would say that Sensa Feel has the widest difference in firmness between the outer layer and core.  The Real Nudes toys also don’t extend the firm core into the head of the dildo, so that portion is squishy inside and out.  The soft head is a nice touch on these two toys, which are heavily “front loaded”.  You can get the G-spot stimulation and fullness of a pronounced head, yet still have a gentle entry.  This might also be helpful for those who have issues with rigid toys getting caught on their pubic bone.


The Real Nudes soft silicone is shiny, and like all silicone of this nature, it will attract every iota of lint, fuzz or hair in its vicinity.  Once clean and lubed up though, it’s quite pleasant.  I’ve never felt silicone this soft with such a glassy, smooth feel.  It doesn’t feel realistic, as no human phallus could be so slick, but I really liked the sensation.

The toys in the Real Nudes line also feature a suction cup so they can be affixed to your shower wall, bathtub or other smooth surface. 1  I had way too much fun sticking Suko and Sumo all over my hotel room to test their suction cups, and I’m pleased to report that they have impressive staying power.  Neither toy detached from its post during vigorous in-use testing.  When I stuck them to the bathroom mirror to dry overnight, they remained staunchly stuck the next morning2

Dildos stuck to art. Classy, right?

Dildos stuck to art. Classy, right?

Now let’s talk about the differences between the two toys.  Suko has 7.25 inches of usable length and a head 1.875 inches in diameter.  The first bump on the shaft is nearly two inches in diameter, the second bump is 1.6 inches.   Sumo has a slightly thicker two inch head.  While Sumo is longer overall, usable length is slightly less than Suko at 6.85 inches.  Sumo has stylized balls at the base, while Sumo doesn’t.  Sumo’s shaft is slightly curved, while Sumo’s is straight.  If those dimensions seem daunting to you, remember the softness of the outer layer. They are far easier to manage than similar size toys in harder materials.


I thought going into this that I’d prefer Suko, thanks to those bumps on the shaft.  They remind me of my Echo Handle, or my Longstang.   Although Suko definitely gets full marks for inducing orgasms, those bumps aren’t as stimulating as I had hoped.  They’re entirely made of soft silicone, so they don’t pack as much punch as the bumps on my firmer toys.  The pop of its angled head was what did the trick.  When using the suction cup in the shower, Suko comes up a bit short for my tastes.  Using the suction cup to mount Suko for riding is much more effective.  I could also see Suko being a great harness toy, with its moderate length and soft tip.


But alas for poor Suko, it was Sumo that won my vagina’s affections.  Sumo’s head is bigger, fuller, makes a more satisfying pop.  The wavy shaft shape aims that thick head at my G-spot very nicely, enabling me to squirt with this toy.   The added length makes thrusting more manageable, and the balls make a fine handle.  During the shower suction cup test, the added length proved handy too.  Sumo has become a wonderful shower accessory, as I think that’s where it really shines3.  Also, squirting orgasms in the shower eliminate worries about having a blanket or throe at the ready.

If you’re looking for a dual density toy with serious squish, consider giving the Real Nudes line a try.  Aside from Suko and Sumo, there are 4 other models to choose from.  The Hello and Ergo Mini should suit those with smaller tastes.  If you craving a truly realistic dual density dildo, you might prefer something in Vixskin, like the Mustang.

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Real Nudes Suko and Sumo were provided free of charge by Blush Novelties in exchange for my honest review. 

  1. Like foreheads, desks, car dashboards… or maybe that’s just me
  2. Fun fact: I left them there when the hotel was briefly evacuated that night.  When I heard they’d be inspecting rooms before we could re-enter, I suddenly remembered poor Suko and Sumo, left behind and exposed.  And then I started laughing hysterically, freaking out everyone around me.
  3. And stays free of fuzz.

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