Review: Hole Punch Toys Fluke

From the minute I saw the email from Hole Punch Toys with the subject “Testing… testing…”, I was excited.  I loved the Crotch RocketC.J. Hooker is my neon shower buddy, I couldn’t wait to see what was new.  I was not disappointed by the enclosed pictures of the Fluke, nor the idea of a plug primarily designed for vaginal use.  This is a category that seriously needs more entries.  With the exception of my Damn Average MiniChubbs, the toys I use in this way are all re-purposed butt plugs.

Head on shot of the Fluke

Plug it in…

The proportions on the Fluke are ideal for me.  At 5.75 inches long, it’s short enough to be worn but also long enough to function as a dildo.  If you prefer shorter toys, the Fluke can be more than a plug.   The tapered head widens to an excellent thick corona, then slims down to a narrow neck.  Once it’s in place, it stays put.  Unless of course, I pull it out because I want that popping feeling again.  This has been known to happen, because that ridge is too good to only enjoy once.  The firmness of the silicone is spot on, sturdy enough to insert easily, enough give to be comfortable.   While it was designed for girth-loving vaginas, there’s no reason the Fluke couldn’t be used anally. 1  The base is flared and the shape should work.  Just be sure to sterilize between uses if your Fluke is a multi-orifice toy.

The colors of the Fluke are bright and spectacular.  Bushfire is a stunning two-tone orange, Miami Vice a cool turquoise.  Mine is a marvelous blend of fuchsia and purple.  I adored it even before learning it was called Purple Nurple.  The silliness of the name increased the allure for me,

Label on the Fluke

Even the packaging on Hole Punch Toys is fun.

The two inch diameter is enough for me to feel filled up yet still able to go about other activities.  Some wearables are so small as to be easily forgotten after awhile, the Fluke makes itself known.  The shifting of its ridge, in addition to the girth, make it a wonderful undercover accessory.  I wore the Fluke around the house for a hour or so.  Much like a good set of kegel balls, it makes housecleaning, stair climbing and other mundane activities more fun than they have any right to be.

Fluke undersea with a fish

So many surprises under the sea…

Having tested the wear around the house successfully, it was time for a ninja challenge.  I decided to slip the Fluke in just prior to a meeting at work. 2  The subject of the meeting was not terribly exciting, but I was remarkably chipper and cheerful.  Especially when I tried doing kegels.  I managed to stay focused with no one the wiser about my activities, and it was the best darn meeting I’ve ever sat through.  My only issue was that toward the end of that meeting, the base became slightly uncomfortable.  The circular shape doesn’t “snuggle in” as easily as a narrower ellipse might. There was a bit more wiggling and fidgeting in my chair than usual, but this went unnoticed by the other attendees.  Or else they blamed it on my love of coffee.  I don’t consider the base shape a serious flaw, just something I’ll be aware of for future use.  A slimmer, trimmer base would make it harder to play Pop Goes the Dildo, so all in all I think the circle works out alright. 3

Fluke in a car
It’s a sex toy on the go!

Finally, my personal favorite test of any plug type toy, affectionately known as the “blast off test”.  After inserting the toy, I induce orgasm by vibrator and see if it stays put or my formidable pelvic muscles launch it.  I fully expected it to pass with (figuratively) flying colors, but did the test anyway because orgasms are awesome.  As expected, the Fluke held its position, and provided some phenomenal internal stimulation when combined with orgasmic muscle contractions.  It has assumed a place of honor among the few toys to withstand this rigorous experiment.  Bravo!

All in all, the Fluke is fun, aesthetically pleasing multi-purpose toy from a wonderful company.  And at $49, it’s a fairly affordable indulgence too.

I received the Fluke free of charge from Hole Punch Toys in exchange for my honest review.  You can net yourself a Fluke over at Hole Punch Toys.  Need something a little smaller?  Look for a MiniChubbs at Damn Average, or try Tantus Ryder as a vaginal plug (regular or Grab Bag).

  1. Though not by me.  My rear is terrified at the very thought.
  2. For those wondering, this involves a Ziploc bag to keep it lint free in my purse, a lube packet and careful restroom timing.
  3. In case you’re curious, removal involves careful restroom timing, a paper towel to wrap the plug in and the Ziploc bag.
  • Reenie
    February 6, 2015

    Hahaha! The pictures are so cute! And the color…the color. So so pretty! If only a smaller version of this was made too…

  • RynJ21
    February 8, 2015

    These photos are great especially the one in the car! I love these color options!

  • Layla
    September 16, 2016

    Somehow vaginal plugs never occurred to me. All the mundane things where I missed the opportunity to make more enjoyable… This is a game-changer and the toy sounds great! On top of that it looks like a highlighter which is awesome. I love that you used this at work too. It seems like an excellent way to secretly spice up your day. I will definitely be doing the same.

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