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One of the best parts of being a sex toy reviewer is getting to check out the many silicone toy makers in the market.  Fuze was one whose wares I had not yet sampled.  They offer an array of sleek, stylized dildos and plugs that appeal to me aesthetically, and I was curious to see if they felt as good as they look. I was most drawn to the Wilde because of its girth (1.75 inches) and ridges, and SheVibe graciously sent me one to review.

The silicone of the Wilde is firm but flexible and extremely glossy.  If you are a fan of Tantus’ shiny silicone, odds are good that you’ll like this as well.  Like all shiny silicone toys, it’s quite a lint magnet.  There is a seam running the length of the toy, but it is subtle and cannot be felt in use.  Cleaning the Wilde is simple: soap and water for day to day clean up, boiling water or a 10% bleach solution to sterilize.


The Wilde has a cavity at its base to insert a bullet vibe, but I tested it first on its own to evaluate the shape.  Its coronal ridges and upward curve provide fairly gentle G-spot stimulation. It’s more of a massage than a targeted pressure.  If you like a pronounced curve in G-spot toys (think Pure Wand), this may not be the dildo for you.  But if you have trouble with curved toys catching on your pubic bone or find more aggressive G-spot stimulation overwhelming, the Wilde would be an excellent choice.

The base of the Wilde is very comfortable to grip and (for me, at least) the angle naturally guides the toy where I want it to go.  It feels like a great deal of thought went into the design.  The best way I can say it is that everything about this toy makes sense.  It’s a fairly simple shape, but the ridges, base and angle work together to make it greater than the sum of its parts.


The Wilde doesn’t come with a bullet vibe, but honestly, I prefer it that way.  I never use the weak, watch battery powered bullets included with vibrating dildos anyway, and it accommodates my Tango beautifully.  The vibe stays in place during use, but also removes easily when I’m done, even if I forget to put a few drops of lube on it before insertion.

Unconventional use of the vibe cavity for lint-free drying

Unconventional use of the vibe cavity for lint-free drying

The hard silicone carries vibrations well, I can clearly feel the tip of the Wilde vibrating against my G-spot when it’s inserted.  The base of the Wilde (and other Fuze toys) is not only harness compatible but designed to provide stimulation to the wearer during harness use.  While I have very limited experience in that area, I can tell you that I don’t use the plain circular or teardrop shaped bases of other dildos for clit stimulation.  The ridged base of the Wilde is a different story, particularly with the Tango in place.  I imagine it would be very pleasurable when worn in a harness.

My favorite part of using the Wilde with a vibrator is the way its base is angled.  When I have it fully inserted, the base rubs against my clit, turning the Wilde into a dual stimulating toy.  I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that perk.  Admittedly, this trick won’t work for all bodies.  But if you can insert the full 7.25 inch length and don’t need extremely focused clitoral vibration, you might achieve the same result.


If you’re interested in Fuze toys but the length and/or girth of the Wilde are a bit much for you, you should consider the Alpha (7.5 inches long, 1.5 inch diameter), Harmony (6 inches long, 1.25 inch diameter) or Velvet (5.5 inches long, 1 inch in diameter).  The shape and base angle on these are similar, and they should suit those who prefer smaller toys.

I received the Fuze Wilde free of charge from SheVibe, in exchange for my honest review.

Thank you, SheVibe!


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  • Miss Ruby Reviews
    March 4, 2015

    This is a stunning dildo. I assumed it was plastic at first because it manages to be so glossy. But nope…just delicious silicone! Thanks for the review 🙂

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