Review: Lelo Mona Wave

Update: As of June 2016 I no longer endorse Lelo and will generally not recommend their products.  See this post for my reasons.

Full disclosure, I’m one of those bloggers who adores the Mona 2 (Update June 2016 – But then I discovered the less expensive and amazing Prism V from L’Amourose). I love its shape, power and versatility.  It’s the little black dress of sex toys…a classic, suited for almost any occasion.  So when I saw that Lelo was adding new Wave Motion to my beloved favorite, it seemed too good to be true.  In my imagination, the Mona Wave was a sort of cross between the rumbly vibrations of the Mona 2 and the unconventional motion of the Stronic Eins.  It would rumble and rub my G-spot into effortless orgasmic bliss.

Sadly, like many toys that are great ideas on paper, the reality of the Mona Wave  is a letdown.  True, it looks beautiful.  The perfectly tapered head and the graceful curve are still there, and the ABS plastic handle has been replaced with velvety-smooth silicone.  Aside from being lovely, for me it made the Mona Wave easier to hold with lube-slick fingers.  And there are far fewer seams and crevices for gunk and lube to get caught.

Mona Wave and Mona 2 button comparison

Functionally, the addition of an instant on/off button in the center of the control pad is excellent.  It allows the Mona Wave  to remember the setting you were using last, and start at that point when you turn it back on.  I have kids, so interruptions to my private time are not unusual.  I love having the ability to instantly power down, and I appreciate not having to cycle back through different settings when I get back to business.  I thought the lack of raised buttons might make it hard for me to keep track of where the controls are, but that was not a problem.  The central power button served as my landmark/home base, and I was able to move through settings and intensities with ease.

Like the Mona 2, the Mona Wave is rechargeable and fully waterproof.  While it has an open charging port, the port is sealed to keep water away from the inner workings of the toy.  And like all Lelo toys, it’s made with quality, body-safe silicone.

So far, so good, right?  Sensible changes to the handle and control pad, that old familiar shape… all positive.  But from here on in, things aren’t so rosy.  The Mona Wave‘s motion is not all that I hoped it would be.  When I first looked at it, the curving, curling shaft had promise, despite the mechanical noise…

Unfortunately, the motion is considerably dampened once the Mona Wave is inserted.  I made an attempt at hands free G-spot stimulation, but the “come hither” bend applied no pressure.  Instead, I was rewarded with the ridiculous spectacle of the Mona Wave handle wagging pitifully from my vagina, like a puppy that is eager to please but can’t help peeing on your shoe.


With application of counter-pressure, I was able to finagle the Mona Wave into stroking my G-spot.  It felt nice, but what it added to the experience wasn’t overwhelming.  It was most certainly not “the orgasm to end all orgasms”.  I wish it had the ability to vary the speed of the Wave, or that the curving motion had a wider range.  I found it most enjoyable when paired with the highest constant vibration setting.  I might have liked it with the pulsing vibration, but the fact that the wave and pulse timing are not synchronized annoyed me to no end.  A pulse setting where the intensity peaks as the wave reaches its apex would be a great improvement.

Mona 2 and Mona Wave

Mona 2 comes out on top…

And while we’re on the subject of vibrations, it has to be said that the Mona Wave’s vibrations are not the same caliber as the Mona 2.  In terms of rumble quality and power, the Mona 2 clearly outdoes the Wave.   It’s enough for me to orgasm, but it’s not the same.  That, combined with the underwhelming impact of the “come hither” motion, makes it impossible for me to recommend the Mona Wave… particularly considering its price tag.

I hope that Lelo will go back to the drawing board with the Mona Wave and find a way to bring the reality of this toy closer to the ideal that devoted Mona lovers dreamed of.  There’s a lot of promise there.  In the meantime, you’re better off sticking with the Mona 2.  If you want to try a toy that offers something other than vibration for your G-spot, consider the Stronic Eins.

I received the Mona Wave free of charge from Lelo in exchange for my honest review.  Thank you, Lelo!



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