New Artist Spotlight: Fantasy Toys

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of fantasy toys.  Or that I value the aesthetic pleasure of dildos as well as the physical stimulation they provide.  I want the world to know about my favorite places to buy gorgeous toys, like Exotic Erotics, Damn Average, ShouldaWooda and Frisky Beast.

I also want you to know about some of the up and coming artists out there.  The shops I’m featuring in today’s post are just getting started.  They’re investing their time, money and talents to create unique and beautiful sex toys.  Because they are newer, smaller shops, their number of models is limited.  They may not always have stock or commission slots available.  But make no mistake, what they are doing is awesome.

Playbow Toys

Playbow Toys plans to offer two designs: Nanuq the Polar King and Fannar the Arctic Emperor.  You can take a look at the designs here.  Both are on the shorter side, about five inches in length.  You may recognize Nanuq and Fannar from Bad Dragon Labs, where Obsydian first shared them.

Fannar dildo by Playbow Toys

I purchased Fannar during Playbow’s pre-order period in December.  I like the “frills” on Fannar, they’re not like anything else in my collection.  Due to this toy’s relatively small size, they aren’t overwhelming.  My Fannar is in firm silicone, but Playbow was in the process of transitioning to a softer version after preorders.  Obsydian did offer me the choice of taking the firm or waiting for the softer version, which I appreciated.

Fannar dildo from Playbow Toys

I also enjoy the attention to detail that went into the design of Fannar.  If you look closely at the base, there are tiny feathers sculpted there.  It’s one of those little things that makes hand-sculpted toys special.  I’ll be keeping an eye on Playbow as they move to the next phase of production.  Playbow is also on Tumblr, where you can see what they are working on.

Update: On 4/2/2015, Playbow  posted on Tumblr that production has been delayed slightly, but is still moving forward.

Blue Ritual

Blue Ritual has made quite a bit of progress in a few months’ time.  From an Etsy shop with a single model, they have moved to their own site and added two more designs.  I purchased Orion as an in-stock piece in a “citrus” color scheme.  Orion is a short but girth knotted humanoid toy.  Orion has 6 inches of usable length and a maximum circumference of eight inches.  Due to the softness of the silicone, it feels less daunting than it looks.  It’s also helpful that the shaft gradually widens as you approach the knot.  There’s a lot of intricate detail to the veins and skin texture.

Blue Ritual Orion and Leonius

Leonius is a “monster tongue”, featuring a forked tip and a tapered seven inches of length.  Again, the details of the sculpt are impressive, with ridges and bumps along the tongue, and a snout that reminds me of Mayan or Aztec art.  The base of the tongue has a circumference of 7.5 inches, but it feels like more.  The width of the tongue is significantly more than its depth, so it’s harder to insert than a more circular toy of the same circumference.  I ordered Leonius in surprise colors, and love the metallic sea green and pink marble.  My camera can’t really do it justice… one of the two colors ends up looking muted. But in person, it really shines.

Blue Ritual Leonius and Orion

Blue Ritual also has a third design called Pyxis.  I’m looking forward to getting my hands on one soon.  I’d especially love one in the striped patterns Yves has been pouring lately, or one of their gemstone color blends.  Check out Tumblr for pictures of the latest pours.  When you order a custom Pyxis, you can select up to five colors… my imagination runs wild at the thought!

Monstrous Menagerie

I first saw Monstrous Menagerie’s Tentacle on Tumblr as a clay sculpture, and my immediate response was “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!”  This is the most exquisite and elegant tentacle dildo I have ever laid eyes upon.  That’s not a sentence I ever expected to write, but look at that spiral, all those perfect little suckers.  And I adore the gold metallic sheen contrasting with the lavender color.

Monstrous Menagerie Tentacle

The Tentacle has an insertable length just under six inches, tapering from a delicate tip to a circumference of six inches at the base.  The firmness is just right, the tip flexes at the slightest touch, and the suckers massage without being too rough.  And there so many suckers, in every size… this toy is a favorite, inside and out.

Monstrous Menagerie Tentacle

You can purchase toys from Monstrous Menagerie’s Etsy shop.  Monstrous Menagerie has other designs in the works that also look awesome.  To see their works in process, like the Goo Dragon and the Spacebuck, follow Monstrous Menagerie on Tumblr.

So, who’s next?

I’m hoping to make the new artist spotlight a regular feature here, but I could use some help.  I do keep an eye out for new toymakers on Tumblr, which seems to be a good place to look.  I occasionally cruise the BD Labs to see if anyone is thinking about taking their design and going solo.  But I can’t catch everything, and that’s where my fellow toy fans come in.  If you see a new artist on Tumblr or Etsy or anywhere that you think I should check out, comment here, use my contact form or email me (ninjasexology [at] gmail [dot] com).  Here are the guidelines:

  • The toys in question must be made of body safe materials 1.  Silicone is great, but so are glass, ceramic, stainless steel, and properly finished wood.
  • This installment featured fantasy toys, but any type/style of toy will be considered.
  • Artists may absolutely nominate themselves, I have no problem with that.  Toot your own horn, pat yourself on the back, get the word out!
  • I’m looking for new artists who run small (1-2 person) shops and started producing in the last couple of months.
  • The word “artist” means many things.  3D modeling and hand sculpting are different, but both can be art.  I’m open to all techniques.
  • Artists do not need to provide free product in order to be featured.  This is a public service because I believe in dildo karma.  Supporting the makers of unique and interesting sex toys means more unique and interesting sex toys will be available to us all.
  • Nominated artists/toymakers will be featured at my discretion, as time and my budget permit.

So there you have it, let me know about the great stuff out there that I need to try.  Oh, nobody needs to mention Rock Paper Tentacles though.  I just saw that their Etsy shop is live as of tonight.  More new goodies are on the way, so stay tuned!

Edited 4/2/2015 to correct my careless use of pronouns.  Apologies to all, I will keep trying to do better!


  1. In other words, I do not want to hear from the dude on Etsy who was making dildos out of wax and Sculpey.
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  • Lord Raven
    April 14, 2015

    oh that tentacle looks rather nice. I know a certain woman in my world who might just enjoy something a bit on the wild side.
    Thank you for sharing and helping out the up and coming artists

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