Review: Blush Novelties Arielle

I love the idea of rabbit-style vibrators.  The ability to single-handedly stimulate internally and externally sounds so perfect.  Buying my first rabbit taught me that great sex toy ideas do not always translate into great sex toys.  Subsequent rabbits reinforced that lesson.  In general, if I could position the toy for optimal clitoral stimulation, it did nothing for me internally (and vice versa).  Some arms were too stiff, others too floppy.  Many of the arms were too short.  And if you like thrusting, rabbit vibes are among the most maddening inventions in existence.  The external arm is either too far away or banging uncomfortably against me.

Blush Novelties Arielle vibrator

I was interested in reviewing Arielle from Blush Novelties because its design offered dual stimulation without some of the issues of the classic rabbit design.  Instead of a relatively short clit-stimulating arm grafted onto the side of a traditional vibrator, the Arielle is a flexible, U-shaped toy.  That flexibility, combined with the increased length makes it (for me, at least) a better choice.

The Arielle is made from body-safe silicone, which has a smooth, matte finish.  The insertable length is fairly short at 4.75 inches..  It’s also slim, at about an inch in diameter.  The clitoral arm measures about three inches in length.  The arm has a fairly wide range of motion, as shown in the photo below.  It can be bent further, this was taken with gentle pressure applied.


This vibrator is powered by two AAA batteries, so it isn’t as strong as a high end rechargeable vibe.  However, the Arielle is one of the less expensive dual motor vibrators, retailing at about $60 and the vibrations are reasonably strong for a battery-powered toy.  According to the manual, it is splashproof, but not waterproof.  I had no difficulties when cleaning it, but did notice a drop or two of water in the battery chamber after taking the Arielle in the shower.  If you are a fan of shower play, this is probably not the toy for you.

Arielle vibrator buttons

The Arielle has two buttons, one to power it on and off, the other to cycle through vibration settings.   There are different intensities of steady vibration as well as patterns for a total of ten different settings.  The two motors can’t be independently controlled, which is standard for dual vibrators at this price point.

For a relatively small, battery-powered toy, the Arielle performs well.  The highest steady vibration setting is too buzzy for me, but the lower settings and patterns are deep enough to be pleasurable.  The tension of the Arielle’s arms applied firm but comfortable pressure to both my clit and G-spot.  And, wonder of wonders, it is actually possible to (gently) thrust with the Arielle.  Being able to experience both dual vibration and movement puts this vibrator ahead of every rabbit I have ever tried, including the more powerful Ina.

If traditional rabbit vibrators have left you disappointed and you don’t need extremely powerful vibrations, the Arielle from Blush Novelties might be just what you’re looking for.  It’s also a reasonably priced option for those looking to try a dual stimulation toy.

Blush Novelties provided the Arielle free of charge in exchange for my honest review. 


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