Review: L’Amourose Rosa Rouge

I had heard the rumors about the Rosa Rouge.  I read the reviews. They said it was rumbly.  That it rivaled or even surpassed other quality vibrators.  On top of all that, it was heated.  Everything about this toy sounded good.  And in this instance, I am very pleased to report, my in-use experience not only lived up to the hype but exceeded it.

Side View of L'Amourose Rosa Rouge

Before telling you the story of how I came (pun totally intended) to adore the Rosa Rouge, I’ll cover the basics.  The Rosa Rouge is a rechargeable silicone vibrator with a velvety smooth matte finish.  The shaft is relatively short (4.5 insertable inches) with some flexibility.  Like many toys designed for G-spot or prostate stimulation, the shaft is curved with a bulbous tip.  It is waterproof, so cleaning is easy and you can take it in the bath or shower if that’s your thing.

The base of the Rosa Rouge is unique, flat and oval shaped.  It allows the toy to stand up on its own, and fits perfectly in the palm of my (somewhat larger than average) hand.  The control buttons are located along one side of the base.  They are a little hard to feel, but once I got used to them, I had no problem changing the vibrations in use.

Bottom View Rosa Rouge

There are two motors, one in the shaft and one in the base.  And those motors, while fairly quiet, deliver some clit-rocking, G-spot quaking, toe-curling vibrations.  They resonate to stimulate nerve endings I didn’t know I had.  As a sex toy enthusiast with 28 years of self-induced orgasm experience, I found that pretty damn impressive.  But I think the best way to convey the awesome power of the Rosa Rouge is to tell you about my first testing session.

It was fate.  My Rosa Rouge arrived the day before I was leaving for a business trip, so I tucked it into my carry on bag for an evening of interruption-free testing.  Upon arrival at my hotel, I grabbed a quick shower then settled in to work.  Lube at the ready, porn playing on my laptop, I switched on the Rosa Rouge.  The vibrations purred a deep, low, rumble.  I cycled through the vibration modes to see if it would get buzzy on higher settings, but it continued to hum like a perfectly tuned engine.

Touching the head of the toy after a few minutes, I found that it had gotten nice and toasty.  I decided that this signaled the end of the technical assessment, it was time to start the test drive.  When the warm tip of the Rosa Rouge touched my clit, I knew this was a winner.  I have never owned a vibrator that wowed me from the first second the way this one did.  What was supposed to be a brief, somewhat analytical test of clitoral stimulation with the ended up provoking an orgasm far more quickly than expected.

Head-on view of L'Amourose Rosa Rouge

After catching my breath,  I tried out the Rosa Rouge on my G-spot.  The shape plus the powerful vibration and heat were magical there too.  The ridge at the base of the head rubs me just right.  The strength of the vibrations doesn’t feel dulled or muffled during internal use.  And with the shaft fully inserted, the base motor rumbles beautifully against my clit.  This may not work well for those who like focused, pinpoint stimulation, but for me it was amazing.  I didn’t make it through trying all the vibration settings before orgasm #2.  Not a problem though, because I still wanted more.

Sometimes testing a review toy can feel like a chore.  With the Rosa Rouge, it was a blissful and shameless orgasm festival.  I tried rocking it, thrusting it, grinding on it… and everything worked.  I tried the assortment of vibration modes and patterns, and found most of them to be awesome.  The resonance of the two motors together provides a depth of internal vibration that I didn’t think was possible.  I tested the hell out of the Rosa Rouge for over two hours, pausing only for brief recovery periods, rehydration and to text a friend my latest observations/orgasm count (yes, that’s a thing I do).  I finally made myself stop because I had to be up early the next morning.  The vibe showed no signs of quitting though.  I had been worried that the heat function might suck up battery but the Rosa Rouge has serious staying power.

I recommend the Rosa Rouge wholeheartedly.  I know the price is high, even for a “luxury” sex toy.  But this vibrator is worth every cent.  On a cost per orgasm basis, it’s a solid investment.  And I honestly can’t think of a cheaper vibrator that compares.  If you want to save some cash, you could opt for the unheated version of the Rosa.  For me though, the heat added enough to the overall experience that I wouldn’t pass it up.

L’Amourose provided me with the Rosa Rouge free of charge in exchange for my honest review.  You can buy the Rosa and Rosa Rouge at SheVibe.











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  • dizzygirl
    May 11, 2015

    I’m glad you finally found a vibrator that wowed you. I think this one is great too. It doesn’t work as a dual stimulator for me but I still like it.

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