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Not one, not two, but THREE of my fellow bloggers nominated me for the Real Neat Blog Award!  I’m so flattered that Dizzy, Randy Chameleon and Lisa (of Sweet Woman, Dirty Mind) all think my blog is neat.   Now to answer the questions that were passed on with the nomination!

1. What was the reason you decided to start blogging? Has that reason changed throughout time?

I started blogging as a way to share my love of sex toys, especially fantasy toys.  I felt like there were a lot of unique toys out there that weren’t being talked about, and that I could contribute something new to the conversation.  I’m also a shameless girth enthusiast, happy to share my love of thick toys with the world.  Those things haven’t changed, but I’ve found that I want to blog about other sex topics too.  Whether it’s politics, or current events or just something silly, I find myself thinking “Hey, I should write a post about that…”  I offer advice, or expound on my sex toy philosophy.  I also wrote my first erotica because of this blog, and enjoyed it so much I posted two more stories.  My blog is a little quirky, more eclectic than I envisioned, but I like it this way.  I have no plans to rein in my randomness.

2. Are there other bloggers whose work has given you inspiration? If so, share with us the post and their post that gave you inspiration.

Hey Epiphora was the first sex blog I ever read, back when I was discovering silicone sex toys.  When I began to consider blogging years later, her guide to getting started was instrumental in getting Ninja Sexology off the ground.  It was the bridge from “I’d like to start a blog” to “You know, I really could do this.” I’ve been inspired by other bloggers as well.  Penny takes gorgeous and creative toy photos.  Dangerous Lilly is a treasure trove of information on all things sex toy related, especially body safe materials.

3. If there was one question you could ask your favorite blogger what would it be?

There are so many questions, so much I want to ask my fellow bloggers.  I’d love to be able to meet up with everyone over coffee and just get to know them better.  I’m looking forward to getting my wish at Woodhull SFS in August.  I’m so excited to put faces with names and spend time with so many awesome people!

4. Did you ever see yourself as a sex blogger?

I never planned to be a sex blogger.  But the more I learned, the more I realized I liked talking to people about sex and sex toys.  At first, I hung out on forums and Tumblr and Twitter, in the suburbs of Blogville.  And then one day, when I was yapping with a friend, I floated the idea of starting my own blog.  I got strong encouragement, did some research, and the rest is history.

5. What website on the entire web, besides your own, do you spend the most time on?

I definitely spend the most time on Twitter, catching up on everyone’s latest posts and chatting with friends.  I also like checking out Tumblr for new sex toy artists and new releases from my favorite shops, and shopping for all kinds of pretty things on Etsy.

6. Gotta ask one toy question. Name your absolute favorite sex toy. (More than one is fine.)

As far as vibrators go, I love the Rosa Rouge.  It’s warm and rumbly and amazing.  The Lelo Mia 2 is my go-to travel/ purse vibe, and the Tango makes any dildo with a vibe cavity better.  As for dildos, I love my Damn Average Longstang, VixSkin Maverick, Tantus Duke, Exotic Erotics Orca… honestly, my favorite on any given day depends on what my body is craving at that moment.

7. Last one is just for fun. Who is your favorite superhero and why?

I think my favorite superhero would be Black Widow.  She’s smart, she’s seductive and she kicks ass… all qualities that I aspire to have.  She’s also gifted at stealth, so she’s an appropriate choice for a ninja blogger like me.

To keep things going, I nominate more blogs for the Real Neat Blog award and they are asked to answer these questions. Then they choose other blogs for the award and the glorious blog love keeps on flowing.  My nominations are:

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