Review: Tantus Duke

The Tantus Duke is a marvelously simple dildo.  Straight and smooth, no ridges or bumps, just that fat, round head.  Nothing crazy, no bells and whistles here. Being heavily front loaded and firm, this probably isn’t a toy for those looking to experiment with thicker dildos.  But if you’re comfortable with girth, Duke could become king of your toy box.

Duke dildo with crown

Duke, re-enacting its appearance in my Masturbation May artwork

Like all Tantus toys, Duke is made from platinum cure silicone. It’s firm, able to bend a little but has pretty much zero give when squeezed.  For some users, that firmness combined with the large diameter (two solid inches) of the head could be too much.  For people like me, it’s a beautiful thing.  I love the feeling of fullness Duke gives me, the way that big, smooth head applies pressure to my G-spot as it glides over.  It doesn’t pound like my Pure Wand, or grab like Ella.  It’s a more intense version of the massaging action I got from the Rocket.  With the smaller Rocket, I could get close to orgasm but needed clitoral vibrations to finish the job.

Duke Underside

Duke‘s coronal ridge is gently rounded, its tip more of a bubble than a mushroom shape.  Many toys with pronounced heads tend to “pop” as they’re inserted and/or removed.  Duke is a kinder, gentler dildo.  I thought I might miss that pop, but its absence allowed me to thrust more rapidly than I typically can with an abruptly ridged toy.  That’s not a bad tradeoff at all.  I’d highly recommend it to texture-sensitive girth lovers, as well as those who have issues with curved/ridged toys catching on their pubic bone.

Duke has an insertable length of 6.5 inches, and I have to say I would appreciate another inch or so.  It’s not that I want to insert it further, more that I’d appreciate the extra reach.  If Tantus were ever to make a handled version of Duke, I’d be all over that in a heartbeat.  The world needs more handled toys, and Duke would make a great one.

Close up of Duke's head

Duke has a cavity in the base to insert a bullet vibe, but personally, I didn’t find that vibration added much to the experience.  As with any vibrating dildo, the vibrations are dulled by the amount of silicone they have to travel through, and what’s left distracts from the great sensations I got from thrusting.  Duke also has a flared base, making it harness compatible and safe for anal use.

If you’re looking for a smooth, straight toy with G-spot friendly girth, then Duke could be just what you need.  I’m also excited to say that Tantus will soon have a dual density version of Duke (aptly named Duchess) for those who prefer their girth with a little more give.

 Tantus provided me with Duke free of charge in exchange for my honest review.  Thank you, Tantus!



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