Taking This Show on the Road

BumperStickersTomorrow morning, bright and early, I will get up, get dressed and take the kids to day care as usual. But after saying goodbye, I won’t be heading to the office. My suitcases will be packed (one with clothes, one with sex toys), and my next stop will be the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit.

I’m going to spend 4 days living as Lunabelle, experiencing life from my blogging perspective. I’m going to meet so many wonderful people, put faces and voices to names. I’m going to show off some of my ridiculous toy collection, and check out what everyone else has to share. I’m going to learn and laugh and network, and hopefully return with great stories to share. The excitement I’m feeling defies my attempts to put it into words.

Amid the thrill of adventure, there are a few jitters. Interacting with people in real time is trickier than typing on a blog or social media…am I going to be too quiet? Or babble my face off in an attempt to ward off awkward silences? In an unexpected flashback to high school, I wonder if the clothes I packed are “cool” enough. I wonder if a 40 year old mom will fit in with a group that’s mostly younger.

Then I remind myself how warm and welcoming this community has been, and how many others have admitted having similar worries.  There may well be some awkwardness, but I’m betting it will be heavily outweighed by good times.

On that note, I’m signing off to finish getting ready.  And to consider pressing questions, like how I’m going to move that big, enormously heavy suitcase full of dildos…

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