Review: Exotic-Erotics Wraith (Medium)

As a reviewer, I’m always happy to hear that a new toy is on its way to me. But reviewing for Exotic-Erotics holds a special place in my heart because I get a custom toy made to my specifications. Color, size, firmness…even the option to add a suction cup on some items. I was especially excited to review something from the new High Fantasy lineup.

The whole High Fantasy line is pretty amazing, both in concept and execution. There are quite a few fantasy sex toys in the world based on magical creatures, but nowhere near as many modeled after humanoid characters 1. The High Fantasy line is a great way to start exploring fantasy toys. Most bear a clear resemblance to a human phallus, with alterations to shape, proportion and texture. The designs are carefully sculpted and detailed, and each offers a special “natural” color scheme option based on the character 2.

I chose to order the medium Wraith, which has an insertable length of seven inches, 2.1 inch diameter for the head and shaft, and a maximum diameter of 2.4 inches at the base. For me, this is a great size, but my tastes are definitely skewed toward the large end of the girth spectrum.   Many users will likely be more comfortable with the small option. The small has an insertable length of 5.5 inches and a maximum diameter of 1.85 inches… still thicker than average, but less daunting.

Wraith Feature

Adding to the awesomeness, Exotic-Erotics has significantly expanded its color offerings since my last review. You can now order your toy in metallic/pearlescent colors and choose from three different glow in the dark options. If you can’t decide, or you want something truly one of a kind, you can select one of their Surprise options. I’ve done this on several occasions, and never been disappointed with the results.

When I thought about the coloration for my Wraith, I immediately gravitated to a tri-color glowing scheme. The shaft is a swirl of green and blue glow, while the base glows purple. In daylight, the colors are subtle and ghostly. But in the dark (or better still, under a blacklight), it really shines. I spent about an hour in my dark closet, trying to take a photo that does it justice. The green and blue glowing swirl much more distinct in person.


The Wraith‘s design combines a variety of intriguing features.  First off, there’s the delicate sculpting on the tapered head.  The Wraith is an uncut design, with lots of tiny wrinkles and nubs on the foreskin.   The texture rubs me the right way without being overwhelming, and the slight bulge at the base of the head makes sure that texture hits my G-spot.  It’s a little bit “grabby”, which adds to the level of stimulation.

Wraith Head

The shaft of the is just slightly curved.  This, combined with the gentle, gradual bulge of the head, would make it a good G-spotting toy for those who have issues with sharply curved or very bulbous toys catching on their pubic bone.  The girth of this toy ensures that the Wraith will find its target despite being relatively straight.

Wraith Underside

The underside of the shaft has a row of ridges, which start off very small and increase in size as they approach the large nubs at the base.  I think what I love most about the Wraith is the mix of sensations it provides as I thrust: light texture at the head, a fairly smooth mid-shaft and big, bumpy texture at the base.  Short, shallow thrusts feel very different from long, deep ones.  I especially enjoy the bumps at the base when I thrust with a slight twisting motion.  If you’re not as big a fan of texture as I am, ordering your toy in soft firmness will make the bumps feel a bit less extreme.

The Wraith‘s substantial base makes it anal safe, and also allows the toy to stand sturdily upright for riding.  The base is a little cumbersome to hold when thrusting, but it’s narrow enough at the top to be manageable.  The small Wraith’s base would likely fit very comfortably in my (somewhat larger than average) hand.

I very much enjoyed the Wraith, and I hope that Exotic-Erotics continues to develop the High Fantasy series. Adding an elf and/or a dwarf seems like a natural next step. And being the size enthusiast that I am, some sort of giant or half-giant would definitely be appreciated!

I received the Wraith free of charge from Exotic-Erotics in exchange for my honest review.  Thank you, Exotic-Erotics!


  1. Notable exceptions include Damn Average’s Orc and Troll designs
  2. I am particularly impressed with the Treant’s natural coloration

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