Review: Blush Novelties – Eden’s Rabbit

As I’ve said before, I don’t exactly love rabbit vibes.  But as much as those bunnies bug me, there are lots of folks who are bound and determined to get one.  I want to make sure I can recommend something good… or at least steer them clear of the really bad ones.  Enter the Eden’s Rabbit from Blush Novelties.

Eden's Rabbit Ear Closeup

Ears lookin’ at you, kid…

First off, the basics.  The Eden’s Rabbit is made of silicone and rechargeable, two definite points in its favor.  The silicone is velvety and matte in texture, and relatively lint-resistant compared to shinier silicone.  This vibrator is also waterproof.  Its charging port seals with a silicone plug.  The plug seems to be tight-fitting, definitely safe for cleaning and/or shower use.  If you plan to immerse the toy in water, check the plug carefully to make sure it is firmly in place.

There are 7 vibration settings on the Eden’s Rabbit, which you cycle through by pressing a button at the toy’s base.  The first three settings are varying levels of steady vibration in both motors, the rest are patterns.

EdensRabbit Frame

The insertable portion of the Eden’s Rabbit is four inches long, flexible, 1.4 inches in diameter and slightly curved.  The motor is located in tip of the insertable portion, so the vibrations aren’t traveling through 3 inches of silicone before they can get to my G-spot.  The vibrations are respectably strong.  They are considerably more powerful than the battery powered Arielle but not as deep/rumbly as the Ina 2.  For the price point though ($53 at SheVibe as of this post), you’d be hard pressed to find a more robust rabbit.

My initial experience with the Eden’s Rabbit was far from paradise.  The rabbit ears, which felt soft and gently flexible to my fingers, immediately stabbed me right in the clit.  There was cursing, and my mood could be accurately summed up by the operatic stylings of Elmer Fudd.

The moral of that story: There’s a reason that sex bloggers actually test products on their genitals.  What feels good to your fingers, or your arm 1 can feel pretty damn lousy on more sensitive bits of your anatomy.  This is the sacrifice we make for our readers.

After some recovery time and anger management, I tried the Eden’s Rabbit again.  This time I bent the rabbit arm back as I inserted the toy, then gently released it so the ears nestled up around my clit.  This approach, while it required more effort, completely avoided the stabbing issue and actually felt good.  The ears applied light pressure, and were long enough to even reach slightly past their target.  The clitoral vibrations are somewhat muffled as they travel down the ears, but combined with the pressure and the effects of the internal vibration, they were enough to get me off.  I was so surprised that I repeated testing on two other occasions to confirm it wasn’t a fluke… sure enough, that silly rabbit did the trick.

Stuffed Bunny holding rabbit vibe

I do feel the need to issue a couple of caveats here: I am not remotely a power queen, and I have no difficulty reaching orgasm even without vibrations.  If you need powerful rumbling to get you off, this is not the toy for you.  If you like to thrust with insertable toys, this (or for that matter, any rabbit) is not the toy for you.  The most I could manage without stabbing/pinching issues was a slight wiggle.  But if you’re a rabbit fan who doesn’t need a ton of power, the Eden’s Rabbit is a solid, very reasonably priced option.

The Eden’s Rabbit was provided to me free of charge by SheVibe in exchange for my honest review.  Thank you, SheVibe!


  1. Yes, I’m looking at you, Marvin the Mansplainer!

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