These ARE the Droids You’re Looking For

Have you ever wondered what other superpowers Iron Man might get from all that tech he’s wearing?  Maybe you fantasized about the fembots in Austin Powers.  Or perhaps, like my teenage self, you found yourself surprisingly turned on when Lt. Data assured Tasha Yar that he was “fully functional”.  Technology can be sexy, which is why it surprised me that there have been relatively few cyborg/android/robot themed sex toys… at least until now.  Even if you never had a crush on C3PO, robot themed toys offer designs and textures unlike anything found in nature.

One of Frisky Beast’s first toy models was the Mechanical Animal, and the design attracted lots of attention.  There have been multiple releases of the Mechanical Animal over time… the original straight model, a curved version and the Cybersaur (dubbed the Mechanical Animal 3.0).  I love that Frisky Beast has continued to update and refine its classic design based on user feedback.  I have a Mechanical Animal 1.5, and would highly recommend it to anyone who loves ridged texture.


The Mechanical Animal, with silly sticker from Cards Against Humanity.

Now Frisky Beast is branching out with their latest collection, Planet Terrabite.  All of these designs feature robotic/cybernetic components, adding texture with sculpted plates, chips and wires.

There’s the Drone, straight and ridged with a front-loaded bump.


The Electrofox features both a frontal curve and a knot, plus subtle texture.


To my knowledge, the Input Valve is the only robotic themed silicone penetrable on the market today.  Unlike most penetrables, it’s also available in two sizes.  And while I lack the anatomy to appreciate it, its internal “sensory nodule” texture looks like it would be thoroughly enjoyable.



Finally, there’s my favorite… the Gigabeast.  The dual shafts can be inserted together or separately, so there are multiple ways to play.  Frisky Beast was kind enough to offer me a Gigabeast to review.  I can’t wait to get my hands on it… stay tuned to hear about my experiences!


In addition to the fabulous offerings from Frisky Beast, there’s the new Exotic Robotics line.  Exotic-Erotics has expanded its scope of toys considerably this year and these toys take the company in a whole new direction.  All of the Exotic Robotics toys are available in sizes from Mini to Large, check the size charts to see which one is right for you.

The Tr0j@n H0r5e (or Mecha-Cody, as I like to think of it), features plates and wires and shiny silver silicone.  This is probably the design I most want to try, as a fan of Cody and the Werehorse.


The Subwoofer has some of the most intricate and gorgeous sculpting I have ever seen on a dildo.1  This is one is a work of art, with the highlight layer of color bringing out the detail of its circuits.


The Mech is decidedly not for the faint of orifice, with substantial girth and texture besides.


The Cyborg looks heroically impressive, a magnificent melding of human and technology.  It’s also a great example of Exotic-Erotics incredible coloration skills.  Their splits are so clean, and they offer multicolor options that are rarely seen on silicone toys.


Finally, there’s the Android, also humanoid in shape but curved and with more pronounced ridges.  This one intrigues me, though I would likely order it in soft to avoid texture overload.



If you’re looking to try something different in the world of fantasy toys, the recent robot revolution offers plenty of options.  Which one is your favorite?



  1. Yes, I think dildos can be gorgeous.
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  • masturblogging
    October 24, 2015

    It’s unlikely I’m going to use one of these myself (I’m male) but I definitely must say: Fascinating !

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