Review: Fun Factory Jazzie

I love Fun Factory vibes for many reasons: cool designs, powerful motors, bright colors, convenient controls.  But all of that awesomeness tends to come with a large price tag. While I believe their toys are worth shelling out for, I understand that many Fun Factory toys aren’t an option for folks on a limited budget.

Enter Jazzie, and its cousins Joupie and Jam, Fun Factory’s SlimVIBE collection.  These are basic, battery powered vibrators, lacking fancy features but available at a much more budget-friendly price (around $30 at SheVibe as of this post).

Jazzie is 7 inches long, about 6 inches of which are insertable.  The maximum diameter is 1.2 inches. 1  The tip is tapered, and there is only the very slightest wavy texture. 2 The Jazzie has a silicone coating over its hard plastic core, so it does have some squish factor.  It’s not super squashy, but it has considerably more give than the thin silicone coating on Lelo toys.  If you or someone you know won’t give up jelly vibes because they like the softness, Jazzie might be just what the doctor ordered.  I especially like the softness at the tip for gentle yet focused stimulation.

Jazzie Headon

Power-wise, Jazzie isn’t as rumbly as Fun Factory’s rechargeable vibes but that’s not really surprising.  I wouldn’t expect a company’s basic vibrator to perform as well as their high level models that cost two to three times as much.  As AA powered toys go,  it’s thoroughly respectable.  I have no problem getting off with the Jazzie, but admittedly my clit is not terribly demanding in the power department.  Internally, the vibration level certainly feels good, but the straight, tapered shape doesn’t do wonders for G-spot stimulation.

It is a little bit of a downer that Jazzie only has one vibration level.  No patterns, no adjustability.  This may not bother some people, but as someone who likes to gradually ramp up vibration intensity, I was really wishing for even one or two additional settings.

Fun Factory Jazzie Vibrator

If I had to sum up Fun Factory’s Jazzie in simple terms, it’s the vibrator that I wish I’d had in my early college years.  It’s a solid, affordable Intro to Vibrators that also happens to be cute and brightly colored.  It’s not incredibly powerful, but it’s effective and quiet.  Jazzie is also waterproof, handy for dorm life where the shower is often your best shot at getting some privacy.  And at a time in my life when discreetly charging a sex toy would have presented a challenge, being able to pop in a single AA battery and go would be a plus.

At this point in my life though, I’m too accustomed to the deep vibrations and variety of features on higher-end rechargeable vibrators.  My tastes have matured.  Just as I now prefer a nice cabernet sauvignon to generic white zinfandel, I’d rather spend more to get a vibrator with impressive performance.  But Jazzie would truly be a great choice for beginners, and those who want a quality vibrator at a reasonable price.

I received the Fun Factory Jazzie free of charge from SheVibe in exchange for my honest review.  Thank you, SheVibe!

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  1. No, that’s not a typo, I’m actually reviewing a slender toy for once.
  2. I assure you, my blog has not been taken over by aliens, we’ll return to the regularly scheduled girth and texture loving mayhem soon.

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