Review: Rianne S. Matryoshka

I’m of the opinion that there can never be too many clit vibrator designs in the world.  Clits can be quite finicky after all, each with different stimulation preferences… and even those can vary from day to day.  My personal preference on most days is for moderately strong, focused but not pinpoint vibrations.  If there’s a clit in your life with similar opinions, you might want to introduce it to the Matryoshka.

Rianne S with Matryoshka Dolls

It had to be done…

The Matryoshka is made by Rianne S., and this was my first experience with one of their toys.  This vibrator is very much in the luxury category, with velvety matte silicone.   It comes in a lovely purple gift box.  The box is cute, sturdy and suitable for storage1.  The purple charging base has a purple plastic cover that allows it to function as a travel case.  I don’t think this adds much in the way of discretion, as a purple charger pretty much screams “SEX TOY!!!”, but it does keep dust off and help to avoid accidental button pressing.  There’s also a travel lock feature as added protection against Buzzing Bag Syndrome.

Rianne S. Matryoshka in box

Purple vibe, purple box, purple charger…

You may have noticed that everything associated with this toy is purple.  The Matryoshka itself is also available in lavender or (of course) pink, but the box and charger/case will still be purple.  As someone whose favorite color is purple, I don’t find this to be an issue… your mileage may vary.

The Matryoshka‘s shape makes it easy to hold, fitting neatly in my hand.  The buttons are easy to feel, but somewhat less easy to press.  One button scrolls through the five power levels, the other through vibration patterns.  If you’re someone who frequently changes settings during use, the small buttons on the Matryoshka could be a source of frustration.

Rianne S Matryoshka Buttons

On to the important part: the vibrations.  The Matryoshka is not the strongest or rumbliest vibe out there, but it’s not buzzy or weak either.  I’d say it’s comparable to the Mia 2 in terms of power, slightly weaker than the Siri 2 or Mimi.  The round head (3/4″ diameter) keeps the vibrations focused, but not quite pinpoint.  The way the silicone tip glides smoothly with just a bit of lube is ideal for those who enjoy motion as well as vibration.  I enjoyed it most on the third or fourth power setting.

Rianne S Matryoshka vibrator in hand

The Matryoshka is described as having 1.5 inches of insertable length.  I’ll admit that when I read this, I rolled my eyes.  Why would I want to insert that tiny little tip, with no significant depth or girth?  But in the interest of providing a thorough review, I gave it a shot.  What I noticed immediately was that the wide base nestled right up against my vulva.  I could feel the vibration just inside my vagina as well as externally, and it resonated through the whole area.  It was far more enjoyable than I expected, especially on a pulsating pattern.  There’s no way in creation I could ever get off from that alone, but it was pleasurable in a teasing kind of way.  In the end, I came by using my finger on my clit with the Matryoshka inside me, which sounds weird and ass-backwards but was awesome enough that I’ve repeated the experience a few times2.

Aside from assisting in unconventional orgasms, I could see the Matryoshka being a great warm up/relaxation tool for those dealing with vaginismus.  With the narrow tip and wide base, it could also be used anally.  If you do use the Matryoshka (or any other sex toy) in multiple orifices, be sure to sanitize it with a 10% bleach solution after anal use.  The Matryoshka is waterproof for easy cleanup.

The Matryoshka has definitely won itself a place among my go-to toys.  If you’re interested in snagging one for yourself, head on over to Sexy Time Toys SheVibe.

I received the Matryoshka free of charge from Sexy Time Toys in exchange for my honest review.  Thank you, Sexy Time Toys!

(Update June 2016 – Sadly, Sexy Time Toys is no longer in business.  But you can snag the Matryoshka at SheVibe!)


  1. Unless you own so many sex toys that you have abandoned cute boxes and drawstring bags in favor of toolboxes and large plastic totes…
  2. I probably need to write a post about creative masturbation, as it’s becoming a theme in my testing endeavors.

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