Review: Tantus Tsunami

Oh, Tsunami.  I wanted to love you.  Your curve, your ridges, your shimmery purple silicone that picks up blue highlights in the right light.  I’ve heard so many others sing your praises.  Girly Juice touts your magnificent A-spot stimulation, and your role in Crista’s OrgasmQuest is the stuff of legends.  But sadly, you’re just not for me.

When I asked Tantus to send me the Tsunami for review, I imagined the experience would be an upgrade to the bumpy ridges I love on the Echo.  The Tsunami is 6.75 inches long, which for me is a great size.  The girth at the base would be filling but not require tons of warm up.  I’d have no problem taking the full length while those intense ridges massaged my G-spot into ecstasy.  If I really wanted to take things up a notch, I could plug my Tango into the vibrator cavity in the Tsunami‘s base.  It would be amazing!

Tsunami Ridges

And then, reality came along to burst my bubble.  Intense the Tsunami certainly was, but not in a good way.  The extremely pronounced, barely rounded ridges are just too much for me.  The first is alright, but the second and third gave me a sharp, pinching feeling in the front wall of my vagina.  I tried changing angles.  I tried rocking rather than thrusting.  I tried using more lube.  With vibration and without.  My body wasn’t having any of it.

I told myself that first time was a fluke, an off day.  Maybe I’d just been at the wrong point in my cycle for that kind of heavy stimulation 1.  So I tried again a week later.  I tried it with different lube.  I tried it after extensive warm up, and as the first dildo of my session.

Tsunami Tub (2)

But it’s so pretty…

I finally had to admit that the Tsunami and I were not meant to be.  I can handle up to the first ridge, and that’s the end of it.  There was no circumstance in which those second and third ridges gave me pleasure instead of pain, even though I desperately wanted them to.  And the top half of the Tsunami alone lacks the depth and girth to impress me…I kept pushing things too far and getting that pokey/pinchy feeling.

Tsunami and Splash

Splash and Tsunami

The Tsunami is a quality Tantus silicone toy and absolutely beautiful.  Its failure to live up to my expectations is simply a matter of my body being incompatible with the design.  As the old break up cliché goes, it’s not you, it’s me.  Other bloggers’ experience proves that the Tsunami can be amazing for the right person.  As for me, I’ll stick with the tried and true Tantus designs that work for my body.  The Splash has girth where I prefer it (at the tip), a G-spot friendly curve, and the unique texture of its drips.  And when I’m in the mood for ridges, the Echo (or Echo Handle) rubs my G-spot the right way.

Still, I can’t help longing for what might have been… and wondering if a Tsunami made of Tantus‘ super-soft silicone could make this relationship work.  If such a thing were to exist, I’d be first in line to give it a try!

I received the Tsunami free of charge from Tantus in exchange for my honest review.  Thank you, Tantus!

  1. That’s a thing for me, and my cycles are so ridiculously irregular that I can’t predict when I might have an off day.

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