Review: Tantus Duchess

The first time I encountered the Duchess was in the Blogger Lounge at Woodhull, and I couldn’t keep my hands off it.  I was already intimately acquainted with Duke, and here before me was the same girthy, front loaded design in dual density O2 form.  Dual density toys offer the best of both worlds: the give of a soft silicone layer over a firm core that allows you to thrust to your heart’s content.  It also feels somewhat more realistic, though the texture of Tantus’ O2 is far glossier and smoother than skin.

Tantus Duchess squish

The squish is strong with this one.

I immediately gave in to my sex blogger instincts, picking it up and giving it a good squish. 1    While my Tantus Cush has a thin layer of soft silicone over its entire length, the Duchess has a thin layer over the shaft while the head is almost entirely soft and squishy.  I was mesmerized by that magnificent bulb of squish, and knew I needed to get a Duchess of my own for more thorough examination.

Fortunately, SheVibe came through and sent me the Tantus Duchess to review and compare to my beloved Duke.  Don’t they make a striking pair?

Tantus Duke and Duchess with crowns

Tantus dildo royalty

Pretty much everything I said about the Duke is true for the Duchess.  Both are simple, smooth and straight, with the focus on that big bulbous head.  Both are G-spot massagers rather than pounders.  The Duchess‘ soft silicone is a tad grabbier than Duke, needing a touch more lube, but that difference is a subtle one.

The Duchess‘ standout quality, as I suspected from the start, was the amount of squish in the head.  I notice it most when my muscles are clenching around it during an orgasm.  Just like squeezing a stress ball with my hand is more fun than squeezing something hard and unyielding, I love feeling the slight give of the Duchess‘ head when I come.  It’s especially fantastic paired with the Womanizer W500 Pro (review on the way), which tends to give me very intense orgasms.

Tantus Duchess and Duke

On the subject of vibration, the Duchess also has a vibe cavity to hold your favorite bullet(as always, I recommend the Tango in this role).  It carries vibration reasonably well, though when I want girth with serious G-spot rocking ability, the Swan Wand is my sex toy of choice.  I do, however, enjoy rubbing the soft, slippery head on my clit while the Tango adds its rumbly magic.  This won’t suit those who like focused, very intense clitoral vibration, but if you like broader stimulation with motion and/or pressure it’s worth a try.

When it comes to choosing between the Duke and Duchess, personally, I think the Duchess comes out on top.  Yes, the Duchess costs about $25 more.  To me, the feel of the O2 dual density silicone is worth the difference in price.  If you’re an aspiring girth enthusiast, you’ll likely have an easier time with the softer head of the Duchess.  But if you don’t share my affection for squish, save yourself a few bucks and go with Duke.

The Tantus Duchess was provided to me free of charge by in exchange for my honest review.  Thank you, SheVibe!

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  1. The urge to squish, squash and roughly handle dildos seems to be a widespread trait among Blog Squad members.  There’s something calming and satisfying about it, though it does occasionally traumatize nearby penis owners.
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