Review: Sportsheets Door Jam Cuffs & Rope Flogger

This review marks a departure from my usual vibes and dildos, and my first foray into testing BDSM toys like cuffs and impact toys.  I’m still somewhat of a novice in this area but when Sportsheets reached out to me about doing a review, I jumped at the chance to try their products.  Sportsheets has always intrigued me because their gear fits neatly into the life of a person who wants to explore bondage but also has limited time and kids in the house.  Everything can be discreetly tucked away when not in use, and quickly set back up for play time.

Sportsheets Door Jam Cuffs close up


Door Jam Cuffs

The Door Jam Cuffs especially appealed to my ninja spirit,  They’re small, portable and ridiculously simple to use.  Set up time can be measured in seconds.  Hang the cuffs over a door, close it and bam, you’re ready to go.  They fit easily in a briefcase, carry-on bag or even a mid-size purse.  Most anywhere I’d want to use them would come equipped with a suitable door.  I particularly love the idea of using these in a hotel room where the bathroom door is directly opposite a large mirror 1.  I get to be restrained and watch the fun.

My hand in door jam cuff

The Velcro on the Door Jam Cuffs will hold your wrists or your partner’s securely.  I tried pulling on them pretty hard, and they didn’t lose their grip.  I’m sure a strong and/or really determined person could break free, but for my tastes these cuffs are sturdy enough.  The webbing of  the straps is strong and sewn securely. The cuffs fit my wrists with plenty of room to spare, they should fit most people comfortably.  As far as the length of the straps, unless you are a very petite person working with a taller than average door, reaching them shouldn’t be a problem.

Door Jam cuffs on door


Red Rope Flogger

Sportsheets was also kind enough to send along the Sex & Mischief Red Rope Flogger.   It’s a vibrant, rich red and looks quite striking.  The flogger measures 24 inches in length, made from soft polyester blend rope with a vinyl handle.   It’s also exceedingly affordable, priced around $9.

Sex and Mischief Red Rope Flogger

It’s definitely on the light side as impact toys go.  If you’re looking for serious stinging or thuddy feelings, this is not the flogger for you.  On the other hand, if you’re looking for a flogger to tease or be teased with, or if you like the idea of being spanked but aren’t a big fan of pain, this may be right up your alley.  The soft tips are lovely for a gentle stroke or tickle, which makes a nice contrast with the other impact toys in my collection.

Red Rope Flogger and my other toys

Arranged in order of ouchiness

All in all, I enjoyed my experience with these products.  The rope flogger probably won’t be a regular in my line up, purely because I prefer my spanking tools to have more bite.   The Door Jam Cuffs, however, will be a staple in my BDSM goodie bag.  They’re ideal for my circumstances, and more comfortable than metal cuffs.  And at around $28, they’re comfortable from a budget perspective as well.  I’m definitely interested in checking out some of Sportsheets’ other restraints in the future.

I received the Door Jam Cuffs and Red Rope Flogger free of charge from Sportsheets in exchange for my honest review.  Thank you, Sportsheets!

  1.   Which is actually pretty common, in my experience.

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