Blogiversary: Ninja Sexology Turns Two!

It seems impossible, but the calendar says it’s true.  Two years ago today, I pressed “Publish” on my very first blog post.  It’s blogiversary time again!

My first year was spent experimenting, letting things happen.  I was like a kid playing dress-up, trying on a blogger costume.  This year was more deliberate, a little less chaotic.  I started planning more posts in advance, thinking about how to actively grow my reader base, reaching out to build relationships with more companies.  I’m not just trying to be a blogger anymore, I know I am one.  This is the year I became real.

I’m also more convinced than ever that sex blogging was my destiny.  I’m finding more and more that the things I learn in my day job help me as a blogger, and that the confidence and sense of accomplishment I get from blogging makes me better at my day job.   Turns out that persuading companies to send me sex toys is good practice for walking into my boss’ office and explaining why I deserve a raise.  And when I’m really lucky, business travel drops me in a city where I can meet up with a fellow blogger.

The ability to talk openly and honestly about sex has also proven useful as my oldest kid approaches teenager-hood.   It has enabled me to remain surprisingly calm in the face of questions stemming from the Googling of a porn actor’s name 1, just to give one example.   I still get flustered at times, but I must be doing something right because she keeps coming to me with her questions.

Awesome things that happened Year Two of Ninja Sexology:

  • First and foremost, there was WOODHULL.  Meeting the Blog Squad, soaking up information in sessions, hugging Nina Hartley, fondling dildos in the blogger lounge… so many memories!
  • My favorite Year Two review toy: the Rosa Rouge.  Heated and rumbly, and also my chance to get acquainted with the charming folks at L’Amourose.
  • I contributed my smut to the development of an erotica bot.
  • Learning that in addition to being fun, sex and blogging about it help keep me sane.
  • Participating in #EuphOff, and laughing myself silly at magnificently bad erotica.
  • Being interviewed by Girly Juice (who is also my idol thanks to her epic sexual accomplishment tweets).
  • Helping friends (readers and offline friends alike) with sex toy questions.  Obviously, it’s a subject near and dear to me and knowing I’m spreading pleasure in the world makes my heart happy.
  • Passing 2,000 followers on Twitter.  So when I need a happy thought, I can tell myself that literally thousands of people read my goofy tweets.
  • Being referenced in Artemisia’s article on sex toy hacks.  Go read it, both for the excellent advice and for the priceless mental image conjured by her conclusion.

Things to look forward to in Year Three:

  • My guide to sex toy shopping on Etsy, so you can get yourself some awesome, artisanal dildo goodness.
  • A review of the Womanizer Pro, the only sex toy that has caused me to empathize with my high school boyfriends.
  • A post about sex toy marketing and politics that I hope you find as amusing as I do (warning: I’m easily amused).
  • Reviews of fabulously unconventional dildos, including a unicorn horn and a dual-shafted cyber beast.
  • Last but certainly not least, GOING BACK TO WOODHULL.  I have a mighty need to connect in person with the Blog Squad.  You should go too.  Yes, you.  Even if you are not a wacky dildo enthusiast/sex blogger like myself, you will learn so much and meet excellent people and generally have an amazing time.  Go forth and register for #SFS16 here.

And now, in what seems to be a Ninja Blogiversary tradition, it’s time for some dildo collection pics.   Of course that had to include The Dildo Tub, AKA the Tub o’ Dicks.

Blogiversary Dildo Tub2

But it’s kind of hard to see them all in there.  So I tried spreading them out on the floor…

Blogiversary Dildo Floor

That’s a little better.  But I wanted to find a way to really show them off.  And that’s when it hit me…

Dildo Décor

If you follow my silliness on Twitter, you may have seen me tweet about the hypothetical dildo cottage I would build if I won the lottery.  For one glorious day of blogiversary celebration, I decided to make some of my dildo decorating dreams come true.

I started small, with some neutral/metallic toys to complement a vintage lamp.

Dildo Nightstand

Classy as fuck, yes?

And then I decided to bedeck the shelves in a fetching Tantus theme…

Dildo Mirror


Speaking of shelves, you can really liven up an old bookshelf by repurposing it as a dildo display.

Dildo Shelf

Or brighten your shower with an array of suction cup toys!

Dildo Shower

Though you might want to take them down before family visits…

Finally, the pièce de résistanceNothing will get guests talking at your next dinner party like this artfully arranged centerpiece!

Dildo Unicorn

The box said the unicorn is a wine holder, but the Vixen Tie-Bright Mustang is a perfect fit!

Once I managed to stop laughing about the cock-sucking unicorn (which took awhile).  I snapped a few pics of subgroups within my collection.

Vibes More Power

For when you absolutely, positively, need an orgasm RIGHT NOW.

Vibes Floor

Vibrators Galore!

Dildo Rainbow

Rainbow dildos of happiness!

Dildo Neon

Retina-scorching neon dildos!

Dildos That Don't Look Like Dildos

Dildos that don’t look like dildos!

Dildo Glass Wood Metal

Glass, aluminum, steel, ceramic and wood toys

I hope you’ve enjoyed the photos, and that you stick around for whatever the next year holds.  Thanks for reading and supporting my blog!

Dildo Faces

Love and dildos to all!!!

  1.   Yes, I do know about and use web filtering/monitoring.  But I can’t control what goes on when she borrows a friend’s device outside our house.
  • Dangerous Lilly
    February 17, 2016

    Yay congrats! You’ve done so well in just two years.

    Also: I’m most baffled now by the rooster and the turkey leg. WTF! Is the turkey leg for a particularly randy ren-faire RP session? And the rooster is just…..HOW. But it could probably go in a kitchen with other rooster-themed stuff and not be noticed!

    • Lunabelle
      February 17, 2016

      I’ve done well in part because I had support from the experts. I will always remember that you were the first to respond when I asked for feedback on my proto-blog.

      The rooster was this year’s April Fool toy from Primal Hardwere. Hilarious, but not as much fun to use as Pedro. But yes, I did give it a try.

      The drumstick is from Gorge OhWell (makers of the burger gag). I had to have it because I get major giggles out of dildos that don’t look like they belong in an orifice. I imagine those with feeder/other food fetishes might get a kick out of it too.

  • Youngcouple25
    February 9, 2017

    Sooo many colours!!

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