Review: We-Vibe Touch

The We-Vibe Touch is a simple looking vibe that offers a surprising variety of options.  If you like focused stimulation, the soft tip is there for you.  Clit feeling overwhelmed?  Try the scooped underside for gentler indirect vibration.  Use the domed back for broader stimulation or even turn it sideways. To me, that array of possible sensations all wrapped up in a neat little package is the Touch‘s greatest strength.

From the lowest setting to the highest, its vibrations are deep and rumbly despite being softened slightly by the thick silicone body.  It won’t provide the pinpoint intensity of the Tango, but in my book, that’s a plus.  The Touch is in my “Goldilocks Zone”, along with the Siri 2, Matryoshka and Lust L2.5.  While I can never nail down a single favorite vibrator, this one lives in my Clit Kit and joins me on almost every business trip.

We-Vibe Touch and Tango

The silicone of the Touch is velvety and matte, a huge improvement over the original glossy model.  My original Touch could summon every speck of dust, lint or pet hair within a 50 foot radius in 30 seconds flat.  I don’t miss that at all…though I do have fond memories of its lovely teal color.   My original Touch also had issues holding a charge for more than a couple of days at a time, thankfully the newer model has been thoroughly consistent and reliable.  There’s also a handy low battery warning feature.  When power is getting low, the indicator light will blink out an S.O.S. so you can recharge and/or call for backup as needed.

What don’t I love about this vibrator?  Single button controls.  I understand the desire to minimize areas for lube and miscellaneous gunk to collect, and I know button placement can be tricky on a more petite toy, but I am not fond of having to cycle through the modes if I want to go back to a previous one.  On the bright side, the button takes some oomph to push and is located on the back end of the toy, so accidental clicks are rare.

We-Vibe Touch scoop

The Touch has a magnetic charger, which is small and discreet…but in my experience a bit finicky.  I charge my vibrators in a nightstand drawer to keep them from prying little eyes, and when I’m charging the Touch I always close it veeeerrrrry slowly to make sure it stays connected.  A full charge takes about 90 minutes and will give you about two hours of use.

The Touch, like most of my favorite vibrators, is waterproof.  I’m not a huge fan of vibrator use in the shower (suction cup dildos are another story) but I love being able to clean my toys without worrying about keeping delicate parts dry.  The only snag in cleaning this one is the raised lettering on top, which can be a lube/gunk sanctuary and as such requires a little extra attention.

If you’re in the market for a clit vibe, the Touch is definitely worthy of consideration.  If you like your vibes super-concentrated, or you want something to put a little vroom in your dildo of choice, We-Vibe’s Tango may be more your speed.   And if you prefer an insertable vibe, I’ll be continuing my string of purple toy reviews with the We-Vibe Rave soon.  Spoiler alert: It’s pretty amazing.

I received the Touch free of charge from We-Vibe, in exchange for my honest review.  You can get yourself a We-Vibe Touch at some of my very favorite stores, including SheVibe and Peepshow Toys

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