Tantus Dildo MegaBox

This week, I hit an unexpected milestone.  I set a new personal record for largest box of dildos received, courtesy of the marvelous folks at Tantus.  The box measured 20″ x 10″ x 10″, and it contained four magnificent specimens of Tantus dildo crafting:

Of course, I had to snap a few pictures to commemorate the occasion!  First, an informal group portrait…

Tantus Box 4

The three realistic toys have very different shapes, curves and details.  I’m intrigued by Adam‘s curve, the Uncut‘s head shape and Sam‘s veiny, textured girth.  I’ve heard that in Tantus offices, Sam (seen on the bottom of that shot) is sometimes known as “The Meat” because of its 1.8″ diameter.  While Sam certainly is thick, Hoss easily dwarfs everything else in the box.

Tantus Box All Hail Hoss

All Hail the mighty Hoss!

Seriously, Hoss is a BEAST.  That’s 11 inches of length, and a whopping 2.75 inches of girth.  It even makes my larger than average hand look small.

Tantus Box Hoss

Fortunately, Hoss is made from Tantus’ super soft silicone.  I am 99% sure I’ll be able to handle it, as Hoss is similar to the girth and firmness of my old pal Pedro the Cactus.

And finally, a close up, head-to-head comparison shot.

Tantus Box Heads

Now the fun part: Getting to the testing and reviewing to figure out which of these will turn out to be my favorite.  Sending XXL thanks to Tantus for brightening my week with a box of dildo joy!

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