Photo Fun: Toys of All Kinds

If you’ve spent much time reading my blog, or follow me on Twitter, you might have noticed that I like taking pictures of my sex toys.  And frequently, those sex toys are accompanied by other, ordinary playthings.

At first, using toys as photo props was purely a practical move.  I’m a mom.  I’m tripping over toys constantly.  They’re literally EVERYWHERE.  So when I looked around my house for ways to add visual interest to review photos, my kids’ toys naturally caught my eye.  Visually, they tend to be a great fit.  I can usually find “partners” for my vibrators and dildos in a similar style or color scheme.

Maybe it’s a robot/alien chilling with a Rocket Space Toy…

Tantus Rocket with alien

Or a sweet unicorn holding the G-Spot Lollipop

G-Spot Lollipop

Or how about the Fluke taking a cruise in Barbie’s convertible?

Hole Punch Toys Fluke in a car

It could be that the sex toy and the character have something in common.  Like floppy super-soft Chance with stretchy, wobbly Finn and Jake.

Floppy Chance

Or a little bad dragon on a Bad Dragon…here’s Toothless with Nox.

Bad Dragon Nox with Toothless

I couldn’t imagine anyone more suited to pose with the shiny Godemiche Adam than notorious gold hoarder Smaug.

Godemiche Adam Goldmember and SmaugSometimes, when I’m doing a review, there’s an obvious tie-in between the sex toy and its companions.  For the Crotch Rocket, a staged moon landing complete with aliens and astronauts just had to happen.

Hole Punch Toys Crotch Rocket with aliens

The Womanizer needed a flock of adoring fans.

Womanizer W500 Dolls

The Matryoshka got together with its nesting doll friends.

Matryoshka with dolls

Then there are the just plain goofy ideas.  Funny face stickers on a dildo trio had me laughing so I could barely keep the camera straight.

Dildos with faces

What better way to show my love for lube than a big monster hug?

Lube Monster loves lube

I never set out for this to be a theme, but it has become very much a part of my blog and the way I showcase my sex toys.  Pairing them up with other toys takes something that has been considered “dirty” or taboo and displays it in a bright, friendly way.  I like to think that someone might look at these photos and see sex toys in a different light.  I want to highlight the importance of play and experimentation in sexual pleasure, to make those ideas more approachable to people who might be nervous or unsure.  I want to take the sense of fun that I find vital to sexual pursuits of all sorts and share it with the world.  And as the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.










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