Review: Godemiche Adam

SheVibe understands me.  When they had an extra Godemiche Adam in need of a home and a review, they made my day by asking me to help out.  It’s right up my alley: long, girthy and the most marvelously shiny gold.  I have seen my share of sparkly dildos, but Adam’s “Goldmember” is hands down the most impressive metallic silicone in my extensive collection.  It truly stands out!

Godemiche Adam Table

Behold the beauty of this dildo!

Adam is a majestic specimen, standing eight inches tall and measuring 1.8 inches in diameter.  It’s also available in a six inch length with the same thickness.  Because Godemiche’s silicone is very firm (no squish, very little give when I try to bend it), it feels larger and more imposing than other dildos of this size.  For me, that’s a plus…for those less comfortable with girth, it could be a bit much.

Thick and straight, the design of the Godemiche Adam looks simple but has a little twist.  The ridge between the head and shaft is very abrupt, and thanks to the extra firm silicone, I can really feel it.  It is not subtle or gentle.  It rubs my G-spot relentlessly, and I mean that in the best possible way.  I love the sweet popping sensation as the glossy silicone head enters me.  This ridge gives me the kind of intense but completely pleasurable sensation I hoped for from the Tsunami.  The orgasms are unfailingly intense, and sometimes involve squirting.  My only regret: I wish it had a mild curve rather than being so perfectly straight.

Godemiche Adam Goldmember

I like the Adam’s extra length for the added reach when thrusting.  Longer toys make sure I can get the depth I want and still have plenty to hold on to.  For the relatively small difference in price (about $7), I’d recommend the eight inch model without hesitation.  Both sizes are harness compatible and anal safe.

You might be expecting a treasure like the Godemiche Adam Goldmember to break the bank, but it’s actually on the lower end of the pricing scale for silicone toys.  At around $45, it’s impressively affordable for a larger body-safe dildo.  I’m a huge fan of companies that make non-porous toys available to those with limited budgets, so Godemiche definitely gets my stamp of approval here.

Godemiche Adam Chair

Godemiche is relatively new on the sex toy scene, and at this point they are only offering a limited number of designs.  Colorwise, however, they have a gorgeous array of options and continue to experiment with new ideas (rainbows, galaxies and even a few translucent dildos with silk flowers suspended inside).   I hope they continue to grow and expand their collection, maybe someday a curved version of Adam will become a reality.

SheVibe provided the Godemiche Adam free of charge in exchange for my honest review.  Thank you, SheVibe!

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  • Adam Breedon
    May 8, 2016

    I’m so pleased you enjoyed the Adam Goldmember despite the lack of a curve.
    There will not be a curved Adam but there will be a curved style added in the coming months, building on our collection.

    There is a couple of things you hit on i can better explain. Firm silicone, our personal experiences are with strap on and anal where squishy soft silicone just isn’t quite as nice. It was a little over sight when we first started thinking that the Adam would be used only as a strap on toy. We are working on duel density and softer finishes for those who like and want it.

    Gold, I’m SUPER happy you like the gold, we spent weeks and I mean weeks trying to find the shade that felt just right.

    Cost, you hit the nail on the head, we want the world to STOP buying jelly, shit, poor quality dildos and a we feel price will do that. Our standard Adam and future styles in standard colours will always remain affordable. This will not change, we have a £5 increase coming when packaging is included but that’s it.

    Again we are thrilled you enjoyed the Goldmember and are over the moon to have the Ninja karate chop of approval, consider us pleasantly stamped.

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