Review: L’Amourose Prism V and VII

As you might recall, L’Amourose made quite an impression on me when I reviewed the Rosa Rouge.  The rumbly, heated goodness was music to my G-spot, and it remains a staple in my collection.  The newer Prism models bring the rumble to a new shape…curvier, longer, and without the large base of the Rosa.  They’re elegant looking vibrators, with curves that remind me of a swan’s neck or a sea serpent.

L'Amourose Prism V and VI

The Prism VII (left in the photo) has two motors and a small protrusion that’s meant to stimulate the clit.  The Prism V (right) has a single motor.  Both have 12 levels of vibration, are waterproof and rechargeable.  The Prism VII has seven vibration patterns (which incorporate the clit arm, the Prism V has five patterns.

One big difference from the Rosa is that the Prisms are fully rigid, without any ability to bend or flex.  I don’t find this to be a problem, in fact I think it works perfectly with the design of the toy.  Adding flex would make the curves flatten out somewhat during use, and reduce their ability to apply targeted pressure to the G-spot.  The buttons on these toys are also more conveniently placed and easier to use than the buttons on the side of Rosa’s base.

L'Amourose Prism V and VI

Both Prisms have that magnificent L’Amourose rumble, but it’s the Prism V that wins out in my book.  The Prism VII‘s curve and head shape, though only slightly different, just didn’t feel as good.  The alleged clit arm is too short to be effective for me.  I had hoped that at least the dual motors would create some nice resonance, but the clit arm’s motor just isn’t strong enough.  I think even if the arm were longer, I’d still have been disappointed.  The arm is a nub of pure frustration for me, an impediment to thrusting that adds nothing positive to the experience.  But if you’re in the market for a prostate vibe, it could redeem itself as a flange that makes the Prism VII anal safe.

The Prism V though?  Pure excellence.  Curved just right, not too thick or too thin, easy to hold and delivers the rumble exactly where I want it.  It’s a touch less marvelous than the dual-motored Rosa, but that’s like saying Haagen-Dazs is slightly less delicious than Ben and Jerry’s.  I’d still happily indulge in either one.  And while the Prisms are marketed as G-spot vibes, I routinely disregard that suggestion and found both to be solid clitoral vibes as well.

L'Amourose Prism V and VI

Both of these vibrators are both significantly cheaper than the unheated version of the Rosa ($50 less for the VII, $60 less for the V).  If you covet those rumbly vibrations but Rosa is outside your budget, there is hope.  I would say that the Prism V is might be my go-to recommendation in all-purpose rechargeable vibes.  It’s got some of the best vibrations out there at a reasonable price (around $100), and it’s equally good for internal or external use.  It’s also cheaper and stronger than my previous recommendation in this category, the Mona 2.  The Prism VII is available in a heated version, but sadly the Prism V is not.  If you’re into the idea of a heated vibe, I’d still say Rosa Rouge is the way to go.

I received the Prism V and Prism VII  from L’Amourose free of charge in exchange for my honest review.


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