Review: Tantus Adam

The Tantus Adam is deceptively ordinary looking.  Its length and girth are in the average range, at 7 inches and 1.6 inches respectively.  It’s flesh toned and semi-realistic with a slight curve and very mild texture.  At a glance, there’s nothing that makes this dildo particularly stand out from other dual density toys.  In fact, I almost didn’t include it in my last review request.

Then at the last minute, I remembered that Dizzy had reviewed the Adam and loved it.  She mentioned that it felt larger than she expected, and…well, you know me.  I had to check it out for myself.

Tantus Adam

When I got my Tantus goody box, Adam wasn’t my immediate focus.  Sam’s girth and texture, the novelty of the Uncut’s realism, and Hoss’s sheer size hogged the spotlight while unassuming Adam waited in the wings.

I finally got around to trying Adam out on a business trip.  I pulled out my bag o’ sex toys at the hotel and figured I’d start with something simple.  And then a funny thing happened: I didn’t touch any of the other dildos that night.   I normally run through at least three in a testing session.  I’ve been known to go on a masturbation rampage and tackle even more.  But I was enjoying this toy so much, I didn’t feel like moving on.  That’s serious praise.

Tantus Adam

The Adam definitely does feel larger than it looks.  I don’t notice that during insertion so much, but once it’s inside me I feel more full than I’d expect.  I’m not sure what magic factors into that sensation.  I think it might be a function of the curve and the fact that Adam’s outer layer is slightly firmer than other Tantus O2 toys.  And I do adore that curve.  It’s not abrupt and built for G-spot pounding, but it makes sure that lightly pronounced coronal ridge rubs me the right way with every thrust.

I also enjoy the change in silicone finish between the glossy head and matte shaft of this toy, which (like the irregular veiny texture) is subtle but noticeable.  For me, the 7 inch length feels perfect but you don’t need to be able to insert the entire length to appreciate Adam‘s charms.

Wrapping up the technical details, Adam has a base that is both harness compatible and anal-safe.  The base is small enough not to get in the way if you like pairing your dildos with clitoral vibration.  Like all Tantus dildos, the Adam is 100% platinum cure silicone, non-porous and easy to clean.

Despite my initial lukewarm thoughts about Adam, I have to give this toy a solid and wholehearted recommendation.  My one wish would be for a non-flesh tone color option.  I like my sex toys in bright, fun colors and seeing this in lime green or neon orange would make me ridiculously happy.

I received Adam free of charge from Tantus in exchange for my honest review.  Check out all of their awesome O2 offerings here!
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  • dizzy
    June 30, 2016

    Thanks for the mention. Glad that Adam surprised you in a good way!

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