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We-Vibe toys are widely known for packing a potent rumble into small packages, so the release of the Rave was greeted with great enthusiasm.  The prospect of an insertable vibe with the power of the Tango was intriguing to say the least.  I’m not a fan of that much power directly on my clit, but my G-spot appreciates a vibe with lots of oomph.

The Rave is coated in smooth, matte silicone, similar to the Touch.  It is splashproof but not waterproof.  I’ve had no issues rinsing it under running water for cleaning purposes.  It would probably be fine in the shower as well.  Given that waterproofing would probably have increased the price point of the Rave and that I’m not a big fan of vibrators in the tub 1 , I don’t have a problem with this toy not being submersible.

We-Vibe Rave

Vibration wise, I find the Rave isn’t quite as powerful as its smaller siblings, but packs a punch.  The lower vibration settings have the depth and rumble I adore, and I have a definite preference for these.  The higher settings, while powerful, are slightly buzzier. 2  If you’re into vibration patterns, the Rave has 10 available and you can adjust the intensity of each pattern.

We-Vibe Rave

Controls for intensity and patterns are intuitive, and hit the sweet spot of being easy to press but not so easy that I’m accidentally changing settings.  The Rave is also compatible with We-Vibe’s Connect app, which allows you to create your own patterns or have a partner control the vibration remotely.  Sadly, this app (like Snapchat…*sigh*) is not available for Windows Phones so I wasn’t able to partake in that experience.

With a maximum diameter of about 1.2 inches, the Rave sounds slender and unassuming.  I was concerned that I might find it to be lacking in the girth department, but its asymmetry makes it feel more filling than that single measurement implies.  It feels more like an average to slightly above average vibe in use, so it may not be ideal for those who prefer their toys slimmer.  Lengthwise, it’s just over 7.5 inches.  The buttons are located far enough down the vibe that they don’t end up inside me during use (though they do accumulate lube/secretions, requiring some extra attention to clean).

We-Vibe Rave

The shape of the Rave is unusual.  It’s more bent than curved, and with its asymmetrical design, it looks like a slightly twisted boomerang.  Or maybe it bears more resemblance to a mildly deformed banana.  Photographing the Rave was challenging.  It’s not as classically “pretty” as other high end rechargeable vibes, and it looks significantly different when the angle of the shot changes.

We-Vibe Rave

Yes, I just happened to have a boomerang lying around for comparison purposes.

Since human brains are programmed to find visual symmetry pleasing, and since most sex toys are perfectly symmetrical, the Rave might seem weird or “off” at first.  And I’ll admit that there was a learning curve (ha) in figuring out how to use it.  It felt awkward and not terribly pleasurable at first.  Straight up in and out thrusting didn’t work with this vibe.  Rocking back and forth (similar to the way I use the Pure Wand) was better.  When I added a slight twisting motion to the rocking, suddenly the genius of the asymmetric shape became clear.  The combination of horizontal and vertical motion across my G-spot, plus the deep, rumbly vibration resulted in an intense orgasm…and a sizable puddle on my Throe.  Squirting is an inconsistent and unpredictable phenomenon for me, but the Rave has proven more reliable at getting me there than most toys.

We-Vibe Rave

The Rave is also more than adequate as a clitoral vibe, though I don’t feel like that’s its true calling.  When I pull out my Rave, it’s purely for the unique G-spot sensation…as opposed to the Prism V, which sees more balanced use.

Overall, I think the Rave is a solid performing vibe with a unique G-spot targeting design.  Pricewise, it’s in the ballpark with other quality rechargeable vibes…a little more expensive than the Prism V, but significantly less than the Mona 2.

I received the We-Vibe Rave free of charge from Peepshow Toys in exchange for my honest review.  Get 10% off your purchase at Peepshow Toys with code ‘LUNA’.

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  1. Dildos, on the other hand, are welcome in the tub with me.
  2. And one of them inexplicably makes my dog whine, which is not exactly great for someone trying to be stealthy.  I did check to see if my cats or a couple of other dogs I know would be affected, this seems to be a problem with my particular dog rather than the toy.

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