Erotica: Office Quickie

There’s been no greater gift to office flirtation than the invention of the text message.  Portable, discreet and private, you can exchange sexy thoughts (or pictures, if you prefer) throughout the day while your co-workers remain blissfully clueless.

Nice skirt…makes me want to bend you over the desk and fuck you hard.

James isn’t much for subtlety when it comes to sexting, but his directness is…effective.  I can feel my cheeks flush, a surge of warmth between my legs.

You should come over tonight, I’ve been craving some hot, hard cock.

Also, I’m not exactly a prim and proper princess.  So it all works out.  I smile to myself at the prospect of getting what I want.   Less than 30 minutes of work to go…

Can’t tonight, have to go visit my parents.

Damn it, he was just messing with me.  I hate him sometimes.  In the best possible way.

But I could come over there and fuck you in your office!

Ah, tempting.  Very, very tempting.  Also an Incredibly Bad Idea.  We’ve joked about it a dozen times at least, but because of the risk involved it’s never actually happened.  Still, it’s a great fantasy and there’s no harm in playing along for a while.

Mmm, I’d have to ditch these stockings first…

The ellipsis.  No punctuation is more tantalizing.  It’s like a little trail of breadcrumbs leading your mind to increasingly dirty thoughts.

Yes.  Be a good girl and do it now.

Good girl.  The words hit my composure like a torpedo, blasting it into microfragments.  I have an instantaneous, Pavlovian response, except it’s not my mouth that’s getting wetter.

Fine, then.  If he’s going to exploit my weakness, two can play that game.

I close my office door as I’ve done a million times for ordinary reasons.  I quietly kick off my shoes under the desk.  Then I carefully reach under my skirt, slipping off my stockings and remarkably wet panties.  The discarded clothing gets tossed into my briefcase.  Before tucking everything out of sight, I snap a picture of my black lace panties draped over the side of the bag.  I send it along to James with the caption:

Mission accomplished. 😉

Then I slide my shoes back onto my newly bare feet, open the door and settle in to work again.  Or try to, anyway.  It’s nearly 5:00, and to say I’m distracted would be the understatement of the year.

I’m so hard right now!

I love knowing that he’s as distracted as I am.  At least I can stand up without inadvertently advertising my arousal to the world.  That does give me a certain advantage in this game.

Why don’t you come over and show me?

I know this is where it ends.  He’ll come by, we’ll flirt a little, but nothing more since we both know how risky it would be to follow through on this.   I can still hear people working in the offices on either side of mine.  Oh well.  It was a nice way to liven up a dull afternoon.

I take one last look at my inbox, deciding what I might be able to tackle quickly before the day is out.

“Hey, do you still need help with that project?” James is standing in the doorway of my office.  His tone is all business, though I can’t say the same for his expression.

“Oh, sure…come on in, just let me wrap up this email.” I’m pretending to be absorbed in my work, but by his grin I know he sees right through me.  He steps inside, pulling the door shut behind him.

“Stand up.” James says, softly.

This isn’t the typical banter I was expecting.  I stand slowly, curious what he’s up to.  As I walk toward him, he looks at my bare legs with approval.

“Turn around.  Pick up your skirt.”

My heart pounds, but I do exactly what he asks.  Exactly what I wanted him to ask, to be honest.  I’m bent over my desk, skirt up, ass and pussy fully exposed.  I’m wondering how far he plans to take this when I feel his fingers slip into me.

“So wet…” he whispers, sliding in and out.  He’s not teasing either, he’s fingering me fast and hard, the way he knows will get me off.  And after the mental foreplay this afternoon, it’s not going to take long.

I bite my lip to hold back a moan, it comes out as a soft hiss instead.  I spread my legs and bend over further.  I want this.  I need it.

“Good girl,” he whispers.  “Are you going to come for me?”

I don’t need words to answer.  I’m panting, my legs start to shake, my pussy clenches around his fingers and it takes all my self-control not to scream.  I’m glad I have the desk to lean on afterward, my knees feel weak and I’m lightheaded from trying to keep my heavy breathing quiet.

When I turn my head to look at him, I can see that James is clearly proud of himself.  As he damn well should be, really, because that was amazing.  The second thing I notice is the distinct bulge in his pants.

“Didn’t you have something to show me?” I ask, in a normal conversational tone.  Wouldn’t do to have complete silence for too long, my office neighbors might find that odd.

He catches on immediately. “Oh yeah, it’s right here,” he answers, as he starts unzipping his pants.  His cock springs out, hard and ready.

“That looks perfect.” I reply.  Then, with a wicked smile, “Can you show me how it works?”

“My pleasure…” he answers, and I feel the heat of him entering me.  His thrusts are short, quick and urgent, and it is hot as hell.  This is the magic of stealth sex…concentrating so much passion and desire into a few unbelievably intense moments.

“Go on,” I whisper. “Give it to me, fill me up.”

His grip on my hips tightens, he lets out the slightest hint of a groan as he buries his cock in me and comes hard.

A few minutes later, my office door opens and James emerges.  We’ve both tidied up, straightened our clothes, and managed not to giggle too much about “completing our project”.  After a quick and professional goodbye, he’s on his way out for the day.  I follow a discreet few minutes later.  Not a soul notices my lack of stockings, or the unusual flush in my cheeks as I walk out the door.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *

The story was a “quickie” in its subject and for the way inspiration hit me out of the blue.  If you liked this, I recommend checking out Extreme HR Violations, a collection of sex on the job erotica edited by Violet Blue.   And remember, don’t try this at home…er, I mean at work!



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