Review: Iroha+ Tori and Kushi

When it comes to dildos, it’s easy to find silicone in whatever firmness you desire.  Whether you’re looking for ultra-firm, super soft, or the best of both worlds with dual density, someone out there has what you crave.  For vibrators though, options are mostly at the super firm end of the spectrum, with ABS plastic or a thin layer of silicone over plastic being the most common options.  Iroha changed that in 2013, with the release of the first vibrators featuring a silicone coating over super squishy elastomer gel: Midori, Sakura and Yuki.  Because the porous elastomer is completely covered by the silicone layer, Iroha toys are non-porous and body safe.

The newer Iroha+ line keeps the strengths of the original models (artistic shapes, squishy coating, magical lint-repelling powers) but this generation is also waterproof and has a more powerful motor.   I got to check out Tori (red) and Kushi (ivory) and I think Iroha did a solid job addressing the two most common concerns about the original toys.

Iroha Tori 1

The Iroha+ vibes are noticeably more powerful than the first generation Iroha toys (I have the Yuki) but they’re still in the moderate intensity range.  The vibrations aren’t super rumbly, but aren’t annoyingly buzzy and superficial either.  The level of vibration and soft outer coating make Tori and Kushi ideal for those who don’t need or want a lot of power.  While I’m not one to take vibrators in the tub, I do appreciate the waterproofing as it makes cleaning simple and worry-free.  I am especially glad that Kushi is waterproof, getting those ridges clean would be a headache on a toy that was only splashproof.

Iroha Kushi 1

All of the Iroha toys are lovely, and this is particularly true for Tori and Kushi.  Tori looks like an abstract carving of a red bird, while Kushi reminds me of a sleeping hedgehog.  These are sex toys presented as art, right down to their chargers, which resemble a museum display case.  If anyone were to see one of these toys on a dresser or nightstand, their first thought probably wouldn’t be “Hey, that’s a vibrator!”   Because they’re so darn cute, these toys could be a good choice to introduce sex toy play to your partner.1

Iroha Tori 2

The shapes of Tori and Kushi aren’t just nice to look at, they also feel good.  And different parts of each toy produce different sensations.  Tori’s “beak” gives soft yet focused stimulation, but I’m partial to the slightly wider back of its head.  Kushi’s squishy tip lets me enjoy gentle pinpoint stimulation, or I can rub on the ridges from broader stimulation and texture. 2  The sensation of the marshmallowy outer layer is definitely the standout feature of these vibes.

Iroha Kushi 2

The Iroha+ toys are coated in a magical form of silicone that resists/repels dust and lint.  Normally when I’m photographing silicone toys for a review, I spend a ridiculous amount of time cleaning off stray fuzz and/or pet hair in between shots.  And even then, I usually end up having to edit out some that I missed because most silicone is a lint magnet.  Tori and Kushi didn’t have that issue, staying pristine for the duration of the shoot.

As with the previous generation, the Iroha+ toys are controlled by two metal buttons on the underside of the toy.  These also serve as contact points for the charger.  The buttons are easy to press, my only issue was remembering which way I was holding the toy so I didn’t turn the vibration down when I wanted it up (or vice versa).  Putting a raised dot on the + button would be a simple solution for the next round of Iroha offerings.

Iroha buttons

All in all, the new Iroha+ toys are awesome, especially for more sensitive folks.  Those who need serious oomph should probably take a pass though.  If you want to experience squish combined with powerful vibration, your best option is the Eroscillator with the “soft finger” (AKA the marshmallow) attachment.

I received Tori and Kushi free of charge from Iroha in exchange for my honest review.  You can find all the awesome Iroha toys at SheVibe.

  1. After talking about it first, especially if you know they are nervous/unsure/reluctant.
  2. I recommend lots of lube for this…I like Good Clean Love because it’s thick enough not to run all over the place.

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