Review: Gigabeast by Frisky Beast

When people hear how many dildos I own, they sometimes inquire why anyone would ever have so many.  Isn’t one pretty much the same as another?  How many variations on a penis can there possibly be?  I dedicate my review of the Gigabeast to those folks who have yet to comprehend the magnificent diversity of fantasy dildos.

Frisky Beast Gigabeast

The Gigabeast is a design from Frisky Beast‘s Planet Terrabite collection, with robot/cyborg design elements.  It has two shafts mounted on a flexible base that allows for both shafts to be inserted together, or separated as you see fit (more on that later).  Standing upright, the Gigabeast resembles rabbit ears or antennas. 1

The Gigabeast is currently available in two sizes: mini and small.  I opted for the small version.  Each shaft is 6 inches long and about 1.25 inches in diameter.  Firm silicone (which I selected) is very definitely the best choice for this toy.  With the thin base and relatively narrow diameter of each shaft, the Gigabeast would be barely manageable in medium and a total flop-fest in soft.

Gigabeast Spread

Bend the base to separate…

I left color choice in the hands of the silicone artists at Frisky Beast, specifying only that I like bright, fun colors.  Their selection of teal and purple marbled shafts on a hot pink base did not disappoint!  While its hard to see in the pictures, there is some glitter in the shafts as well.

Your first question upon seeing the Gigabeast might well be “How exactly am I supposed to use this thing?”   I decided that the best way to answer that query was to attempt every combination that my anatomy would permit.  Double anal was not attempted as that is several light years beyond my butt’s skill and comfort level.  My vagina may be a party animal, but my ass is a wallflower.  My vagina has a master’s degree, my ass is still reading Green Eggs and Ham.  My vagina is all about that bass while my ass will stick to treble, thank you very much.  You get the idea…

Gigabeast Inner Shafts

The texture on the inner curve of the shafts

Here are my thoughts on the combinations I did attempt:

  • Inserting one shaft vaginally – The texture and curve of a single shaft is nice, but I find myself wishing for a touch more girth.  1.25″ is on the slimmer side for a dildo, and my tastes run to the above average.  On the plus side, rubbing my clit against the ribs on the other shaft feels wonderful.  The thin base also means that vibration applied while the Gigabeast is inserted carries fairly well down the shafts (which is great in all usage configurations).
  • Inserting both shafts vaginally – The two shafts are made to be easy to push together for double insertion, and the girth is (for me) completely manageable.  It feels different than using a large single toy since the shape the twin shafts create is more elliptical than cylindrical.  I can feel that these are two separate shafts, and that idea appeals to me (as evidenced by this story).   The shafts are easier to push together and insert than other toys I’ve tried.  The only problem is that from time to time they would misalign and cross when thrusting, which feels…strange.
  • One shaft vaginally, one anally – Remember what I said earlier about wishing a single shaft were bigger?  I still wish that for one of them, but I’m absolutely thrilled…THRILLED, I tell you…that the other is slim.  My butt was also grateful for the very gentle tapered tip.  I wasn’t sure how my rear would handle the texture but I found it surprisingly pleasant (with lots of lube, of course).  The base is a little awkward to hold, but again far more manageable than the other double shafted fantasy toy in my collection.

Gigabeast with Raven

The Gigabeast is definitely a unique dildo, and it would be a fun choice for folks looking to play around with double penetration of any sort.   Personally, I would love to see a variation on the Gigabeast with asymmetrically sized shafts for those whose anal and vaginal size preferences differ significantly.  I loved how easily I could accomplish double penetration with this toy, but my greedy vagina wanted a little more girth than one shaft could offer.   And for the current version, it would be excellent to offer a color scheme with two different-hued shafts to assist in keeping track of which one has been where.

Frisky Beast provided the Gigabeast free of charge in exchange for my honest review.  Thank you, Frisky Beast!

  1. And there may or may not be photos of me wearing it on my head…
  • Ruby
    August 9, 2016

    Oh my goodness! I’ve never seen anything like it!!

    • Lunabelle
      August 10, 2016

      Yep, this one is definitely something different!

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