Pokémoan Dildos: I Caught Them All

Everybody seems to be into catching cute little creatures on their phones lately.  But Geeky Sex Toys has taken this trend in a whole new direction by introducing the Pokémoan sex toy collection.  Being a serious nerd as well as a collector of exotic and unusual dildos, I had to snag a set.

pokemoan-group1Bulby, Squirty and Charmy are dildos that have very distinctive character.  Piky is a bright yellow butt plug that enables its wearer to sport a striking bolt of a tail.  All four toys are made from firm yet flexible silicone.  Which would you choose?

Pokémoan #1 – Piky


I absolutely love the concept of this toy.  The bulb is small enough (1 inch diameter) to be comfortable and manageable even for a butt as timid and inexperienced as mine.  Insertion is a touch tricky because of the narrowness of the neck, but I was able to get that sorted out.  What disappointed me was the length of the tail portion.  At 3.2 inches, it’s hard to see unless I’m bent over with my legs apart.  Granted this is not an unlikely position for someone wearing a cute butt plug, but I would have liked a little more visibility.

Even when I’m optimally positioned, the effect isn’t quite what I had hoped for.  It doesn’t look like I have an adorable yellow lightning tail.  It looks like I sat on a creature with a yellow lightning tail and my ass swallowed it.  This design might work for an extremely petite wearer, but alas, not for me.

Pokémoan#2 – Charmy


Charmy was the dildo that worried me most.  That flame tail looks frighteningly pointy!  Fortunately, the silicone is flexible and the narrow tip is actually good at guiding the flame into place for some hot A-spot stimulation.  The girth of Charmy is fairly average and the length isn’t excessive, so this could work for many aspiring Pokémoan trainers.

Pokémoan#3 – Squirty


Squirty is both the girthiest and the most textured of the Pokémoan bunch.  Short but thick, with a head that’s bent for G-spot stimulation, Squirty may be an especially appropriate name.  The shell ridges are noticeable in use, which I like.  For some reason, the rear wall of my vagina is particularly appreciative of texture.  Visually, I think Squirty is the coolest of the Pokémoan.  I always find it amazing when silicone toy makers manage neat, precise color splits like this.

Pokémoan#4 – Bulby

Pokémoan Bulby

This little green guy is my personal favorite.  Bulby is front loaded with a nice fat seed at the tip, and front loaded is my jam.  I could go for a touch more length, but other than that, it’s a solid design.  I also found Bulby’s balls oddly charming, like little beans or seed pods.  I don’t think I’ve ever found balls on a dildo cute before…I guess there’s a first time for everything!

Pokémoan Group 2

All in all, I’m impressed with these toys.  The Pokémoan dildos are well designed aesthetically, perfectly evoking the characters they’re based on, yet they’re still functional too.  The craftsmanship is impressive, with clean, crisp color splits and no visible seams or air bubbles.  I’ll likely be back to Geeky Sex Toys, since they have so many products that appeal to my nerdy side.  Whether you’re into spacefaring navigators, mysterious time traveling doctors, laser light swords or black-clad bastards, there’s bound to be something that tickles your fancy.

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  • vintage.android
    December 23, 2016

    The pokeball-colored toolbox was a nice touch in the top photo.

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