A Sex Ninja’s Gift List Guide

Putting together my holiday wish list for family and friends, I’ve often struggled to come up with good ideas.  A lot of the things I want are the sort of items that would considerable awkwardness if they popped up under the tree.  But over the years, I’ve found ways to ask for sex-related items without anyone being the wiser.

Etsy Gift Certificate

Many people remain unaware that Etsy shops sell a plethora of sex paraphernalia.  Dildos, whips, paddles, harnesses, lingerie, collars, leashes…almost anything you can imagine.   If you ask for an Etsy gift certificate, most folks will assume you plan to put it toward (SFW) jewelry, clothing or home décor.

I like this option best because you not only get money to pick out a cool (possibly custom!)sex toy, you are also supporting the artists who create them.  If you’re curious about where to find quality dildos on Etsy, take a look at my guide.

Sex Toy Accessories

So you can’t realistically put sex toys on your wish list…but you can ask for accessories and/or storage solutions.  Here are some items a sex toy fan might find handy:


What’s a pervertable?  It’s an ordinary item that, with a little imagination, can become a sex toy of sorts.  Most safe pervertable options tend to be BDSM related.  You don’t want to be inserting household objects into your orifices, reserve that for body safe sex toys please.  Here are a few of my favorite pervertable ideas:

  • Silky scarves to use for bondage and blindfolding
  • Silicone kitchen tools (spoons, spatulas, even basting brushes) for impact play
  • Wooden spoons or hairbrushes for spanking
  • A collar necklace to subtly declare your subbiness

Reading Material

While I can’t recommend buying sex toys from Amazon (see Lilly’s post for details), an Amazon gift card can come in handy for many of the items mentioned above.  You can also use that card to get your hands on all kinds of erotica and/or sex ed books.  And good ninjas know that buying the Kindle version makes it easy to read and store your NSFW titles safely.  Some selections from my library include:

This is far from an exhaustive list, but hopefully it’s got you thinking about what you can sneak onto your wish list for the holidays.  If you’ve got more to add, I’d love to hear from you!

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