Review: Doc Johnson Tru Ride 8 (Truskyn)

Dual density silicone has a feel unlike anything else: a soft, squishable outer layer over a firm core.  It’s much beloved by many a sex blogger (see classic designs like the Vixen Mustang or Tantus Cush) , but they can be expensive.  Doc Johnson’s Truskyn line brings dual density silicone toys into a more budget-friendly price range.   Though I prefer to buy from companies that make exclusively body-safe toys, I know price is important and we need affordable options.

When making my review selection at SheVibe, I chose the Tru Ride 8 which has a thick two inch diameter and just over seven inches of insertable length.  This design is also available in a smaller size for orifices less adventurous than mine.   It’s a straight, veiny-textured realistic dildo, complete with balls.

Doc Johnson Tru Ride 8

Did someone say balls?

But Is It Really Silicone?

One of the first questions people asked about Truskyn is whether it is, in fact, silicone.  Larger sex toy manufacturers haven’t always been up front and honest about such things, and Doc Johnson continues to market porous toys with “Sil-A-Gel“, a confusingly named and mysterious alleged anti-bacterial additive.

While I’m not equipped to perform definitive laboratory testing, this dildo behaves like real silicone.  It has no telltale plastic shower curtain smell, it doesn’t leach oils, nor does it react to a flame test.  I felt comfortable enough to store it among my other silicone dildos, and there have been no issues.

I’ll also say that in my experience, when Doc Johnson labels an item as silicone, it truly is.   If I have to recommend one of the major sex toy brands, Doc Johnson would be my choice.  I’ve had California Exotics silicone dildos that were such a thin layer of silicone over a foam core that they actually float, and Pipedream is a sexist disaster.

The Squish Factor

Another thing I was curious about was how Truskyn would feel relative to other dual-density silicone toys on the market.  In my opinion, it falls in between Vixskin (which has relatively thick and very soft outer layer) and Tantus O2 models (which vary, but tend to have a thinner and firmer outer layer).  It’s matte, not glossy like the Duchess.  It’s not tacky, like Blush Novelties Sensa Feel toys.   It’s a happy medium, and probably a good choice for those who exploring dual density for the first time.

Doc Johnson Tru Ride 8 and Friend

So How Did the Tru Ride Stack Up?

The Tru Ride 8‘s design is simple and realistic.  I liked that it has a well-defined coronal ridge and large head for G-spot stimulation.  It’s definitely thick and filling, with the widest girth near the tip.  If you’re not a size enthusiast like me, the Tru Ride 6 would provide similar sensations on a smaller scale.

The veiny texture feels good, but the softness of the outer layer means that I felt those veins less than I expected to.  If it’s texture you’re after, Sam from Tantus has a similar shape with a firmer outer layer, making the veins far more noticeable.  The balls have some texture as well, which felt nice rubbing against my clit.  They are also nicely sized for me to grip the toy easily, and make the Tru Ride 8 safe for anal use.

The Tru Ride’s silicone is matte rather than glossy.  Combined with the texture, that makes it a bit of a lube hog.  Be prepared to re-apply, or use a long lasting oil based lube (like The Butters).

Overall, I have to say that I would recommend the Tru Ride 8.  Getting dual density silicone dildo of this size for such a reasonable price ($69.99 at SheVibe as of the publication of this review) is a great deal.  That being said, my favorite dual density toy in this size category is still the Vixen Creations Maverick, which is slightly less realistic in appearance and has a G-spot targeting curve.

I received the Tru Ride 8 free of charge from SheVibe in exchange for my honest review.  Thank you, SheVibe!

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