Review: Fun Factory Delight

When I show my non-blogger friends sex toys that I’m reviewing, I usually get responses like “Oh, cool!” or “That looks like fun!”  In the case of the Fun Factory Delight, reactions were rather different, and included comments such as:

“Wait, how does that even work?”

“It’s pretty, but I’m confused…”

“I can’t even begin to imagine how you’d use that.”

Their questions are understandable, as the Delight doesn’t look anything like a typical vibrator.  It’s elegantly S-curved and slender (1.25″ diameter) with some flexibility to the insertable end.  The idea is that you slip a finger through the curled handle, insert the Delight into the vagina (or anus) and rock it back and forth so the vibrations stimulate your G-spot and clitoris (or prostate and perineum).  It’s a dual stimulation toy that doesn’t follow the “classic” rabbit model of an insertable shaft with an external branch/arm.

Fun Factory Delight

I’m definitely a fan of the idea behind the Delight, because traditional rabbit vibes are not my cup of tea.  First, it’s hard to find one that lines up with my anatomy.  Many external branches are too short, or angled badly or apply too much pressure.  Thrusting with a rabbit means losing contact with the external vibrations and/or inadvertently stabbing myself in the clit with a pair of ears.  I also like to combine motion with external stimulation, and the Delight’s design facilitates that.


A Delight-ful Experience?

My relationship with this vibrator definitely falls into the “it’s complicated” category.  It’s the kind of toy that won’t disappear into the depths of my collection but won’t take up residence in my nightstand drawer either.  It’s beautiful.  I do enjoy using it, and have good, satisfying orgasms.  I love the way it rubs along my clit as it rocks.  The curled handle is easy to hold, the buttons logically placed and easy to use.  However, there are a few things that keep me from giving the Delight an unconditional recommendation.

First and foremost, I was disappointed that the Delight’s motor doesn’t pack the same rumbly punch as other rechargeable Fun Factory toys.  It’s still strong enough to work for me, and it’s not buzzy, but I can’t help wishing for more from a brand that I’ve come to love for its oomph.  I imagined the Delight having deep, vulva-shaking rumbles, and it’s more of strong purr.  For a curved toy with more power, I’d suggest the G-Kii from Je Joue.

Fun Factory Delight and Je Joue G-Kii

Fun Factory Delight and Je Joue G-Kii


While the Delight avoids many of the pitfalls of a traditional rabbit, it’s still not going to suit everyone’s anatomy.  It’s not made for deep penetration, and it’s probably not long enough for some G-spots.  The pressure that the flexible arm puts on my G-spot is also only moderate.  That could be a pro or a con, depending on your tastes.  If you crave the Pure Wand‘s G-spot pounding weight, the Delight would be a letdown.  Fans of lighter toys like the Lelo Ella would likely be fine with the Delight.

Fun Factory Delight


Finally, a minor quibble.  The Delight is only splashproof, rather than fully waterproof.  I’m not so much into bathtub play, but I like not having to worry about submerging sex toys when I clean them.

Bottom line, you need to know your anatomy and preferences to decide if the Delight would work for you.  It’s not something I’d recommend as a first toy, it’s better for an experienced user with a solid idea of what they like.  I could also see it being good for those who enjoy teasing/orgasm control play with a partner, as it gives a slower build up to orgasm.

I received the Fun Factory Delight free of charge from Vibrant in exchange for my honest review.  Remember, 100% of Vibrant’s proceeds go to support Planned Parenthood!

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  • Zeke G
    February 6, 2017

    I just saw one of these yesterday and it was surprisingly a lot smaller than i imagined it! I’m not sure it’d be right for me though, i need strong vibes and my clit’s rather buried so i just can’t imagine this reaching the spots i’d need it to. It is beautiful though, and i love how elegant your photos are for this post!

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