Review: Satisfyer Pro 2

One of the latest true innovations in sex toys is the “touchless” approach to clitoral stimulation.  Rather than relying on physical contact with vibration or oscillation, sex toys like the Satisfyer Pro 2 generate tiny pulses of air through a nozzle that surrounds the clitoris.  The resulting sensation feels like a cross between light, tapping touches and mild suction.  If you’re into that type of stimulation1 , it can bring on fast and intense orgasms.

I know that touchless toys can work for me, as I’ve previously reviewed the Womanizer W500.  I enjoyed it, but it is expensive and awkward/bulky to hold.  The Satisfyer Pro 2 has a more ergonomic design, and comes in at less than a third of the W500’s price. 2

How Things Shape Up

Satisfyer Womanizer

The shape of the Satisfyer Pro 2 is definitely easier to hold than the weirdly football-shaped Womanizer W500.  The toy itself is also longer, giving you a couple extra inches of reach.  The buttons on the Pro 2 are positioned better and easier to press, though they make a loud clicking noise when pushed.  Overall, the noise level of the two toys is fairly similar, though the W500 is slightly quieter on its lowest settings.  My clit likes the shape of the Satisfyer’s head better.  It’s rounder and thicker, and I find it easier to get a good seal.

Satisfyer Nozzle

This Is Getting Intense

There are 11 (insert Spinal Tap reference here) intensity levels on the Satisfyer Pro 2.  I mostly stick to the first two or three.  I might venture as high as the fourth or fifth level if I’m using it in the tub, where it feels like the water moderates the intensity to some degree.  But on land or sea, my clit doesn’t want anything to do with levels six through eleven.

Satisfyer Buttons

Sensation-wise, the Satisfyer lives up to its name.  It goes for the gusto, starting out stronger than the W500.  There isn’t a level I’d consider to be a “warm up”, it launches right into the main event.  If I’m looking for a quick fix, that’s cool…but sometimes I miss the option to build up more gradually.

Control Issues

The Satisfyer Pro 2 has single button controls to scroll through intensity levels.  I don’t love that idea in general, but on this style of toy, I absolutely loathe it.  Let’s say I accidentally go one level further than I intended, or I just need to back it off a notch.  I have to go all the way up through maximum power.  That’s an annoyance with an ordinary vibrator.  With the Satisfyer, however, there’s the added hassle of disengaging the toy from my clit to avoid overstimulation, then re-aligning everything afterward.  I managed to wreck an orgasm that way during testing, after which I wanted to grab a Sharpie and re-label this toy the DisSatisfyer.

Satisfyer Side


Final Thoughts

My feelings on Satisfyer Pro 2 are mixed, but generally positive.  The shape of the toy, the wider, rounded nozzle and the relatively affordable price ($60) are all good reasons to consider it.  If you aren’t sure whether air pulse sensations will work for you, the Satisfyer line is more affordable than epi24’s Womanizer products.  That being said, Womanizer has better controls, interchangeable heads in different sizes and more subtle, low-intensity settings.  If you’re looking for a compromise position, I would be inclined to say that the Womanizer Pro40 gives you the best available balance of price ($99) and features.

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I received the Satisfyer Pro 2 free of charge from Peepshow Toys in exchange for my honest review.  Remember, you can get 10% your purchase at Peepshow Toys with discount code ‘LUNA’!

  1. And not everyone is…check out this review for another perspective.
  2. For an incredibly comprehensive look at how all the various Womanizer and Satisfyer models stack up (8 at the time of this post), you may also want to consult Lilly’s guide.

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