Review: Fun Factory Lady Bi

I have a rather lengthy history of frustration with dual stimulation vibrators.  My clit has been stabbed by rabbit ears, missed completely by a tiny clit twig, and left wanting by a weak, buzzy flipper.  And yet I occasionally find myself tempted to try another, because I like the idea of easy, one-handed dual stim.  The Fun Factory Lady Bi makes me glad that I didn’t abandon my quest.

Like the Tiger G5, the Lady Bi has an ergonomic, easy to grasp loop handle.  Vibration is controlled by three buttons.  I’m a fan of Fun Factory’s buttons because they are easy to feel and press, but not so sensitive that I change settings inadvertently.  The “FUN” button powers it on or off.  The top button controls the external vibration, the bottom button controls the internal.  Each motor has three intensity levels, plus a selection of patterns.  My preferred combination is the external vibration on low, with the internal vibration on the fast pulsation pattern.

Fun Factory Lady Bi

The Lady Bi is thicker than many dual stim vibrators (1.77 inches), which is definitely a plus for me.  Fun Factory’s silicone is on the grabby/draggy side, so plan on having lots of lube handy.  The insertable length is just shy of five inches, and the tip is narrow and curved with the intent of stimulating the A-spot.  I find that while it’s on the shorter side, it can reach with just the right angle.  And as fortune would have it, that angle also wedges the arm of the Lady Bi firmly against my clit.

The clit arm of the Lady Bi is, thankfully, stronger and more focused than the ridiculous flipper on the Stronic Fusion.  It is slightly flexible to adjust to your body and avoid pinching.  On its own it’s not a powerhouse, more of a moderate intensity, but it isn’t terribly buzzy.  And when it resonates with the larger motor in the base of the toy’s shaft, there is some significant rumble happening.

Fun Factory Lady Bi

The main motor has the depth and power that I love about Fun Factory toys.  I can feel the vibration throughout my pelvic region, it stimulates the internal clitoris and G-spot beautifully.  It leaves me tingling and experiencing happy aftershocks after the quake of orgasm has passed.  It’s not as strong as the new G5 motors, but the power level is more than adequate for me.

The trifecta of A-spot stimulation, G-spot rumbling and clitoral vibration is pretty fantastic.  It even distributes vibration intensity according to my preferences: moderate for the clit, with strong internal vibration.  Add in the fact that the Lady Bi aligns almost perfectly with my anatomy, and the result is intense orgasms with very little effort needed.  One caveat: As with most dual-stim vibes, full-on thrusting doesn’t work.  Instead, I grind on it, rock it or use quick mini-thrusts.  If I’m really feeling lazy though, I don’t need to move it at all.  I can just relax and let those deep, strong vibrations work their magic.

Fun Factory Lady Bi

While I can’t guarantee that the Lady Bi will be as ideal a match for your anatomy at it is for mine, it is a quality, well-designed toy that offers a stimulating shape and plenty of power.  If you’re looking for something just a bit smaller, or don’t care for A-spot stimulation, the Miss Bi might be a better option for you.

I received the Fun Factory Lady Bi free of charge from Betty’s Toy Box in exchange for my honest opinion.Bettys Toy Box logo


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