Review: Doxy Die Cast

The Doxy Die Cast is one of the most impressive looking sex toys on the market.  The shiny aluminum body and sleek black silicone head tell you immediately that this vibe is a badass.  It is not kidding around.  It is here to stimulate genitals and chew bubble gum, and it is all out of bubble gum.  Weighing in at 1.5 pounds, and with Doxy’s power pedigree, there was no doubt in my mind this wand could do amazing things.

The Die Cast, like Doxy’s other products, is AC powered.  I don’t mind this, given the generously long cord, and the level of power that is nearly impossible to come by in rechargeable toys.  It’s also nice to have at least a few toys that I don’t have to worry about keeping charged (and/or misplacing the charger).

Given my previous posts on the sensitivity of my clit, and my repeated preference for moderate level vibration, you might be wondering why I love the Die Cast so much.  For me, the Die Cast fills two main roles:

  • The Speed Run – Sometimes, the urge for an orgasm strikes at inconvenient times.  Between sessions at a conference, for example.  Or 10 minutes before the kids are due home from school.  Cue the Doxy Die Cast for fast, intense orgasms without the need to remove my pants!  Just plug it in and a few minutes later, I’m feeling much better.
Doxy Die Cast Quick

Actual post-quickie photo in my hotel room before heading down to a meeting

  • Internal Vibration – The Doxy Die Cast, strong as it is, can add internal vibration to dildos that don’t accommodate a bullet vibe.  I just hold it against the base of the toy inside me, and deep, rumbly vibrations carry right through.  This works best with dildos like the Fluke that stay in place once inserted, but is especially cool with the Fun Factory Bouncer.  The Die Cast’s vibrations get the weighted balls inside the Bouncer rocking!  And of course, using the Die Cast with an insertable attachment is great too.

There’s also another possible use that I hope to experience one day.  As I continue to explore my submissive tendencies, I’m very curious about trying forced orgasm play.  I think the Doxy Die Cast would be the ideal tool for the job.

The vibrations of Die Cast are, as advertised, potent.  There are five levels of intensity, and for a vibe of this type, they cover a pretty wide range.  The first and second settings are the ones I prefer for direct skin-to-toy stimulation.  The upper range is reserved for use through clothing, or with other toys/attachments.  The vibrations are rumbly but also smooth, almost a deep purr through the firm silicone head.

Doxy Die Cast buttons

The Die Cast is controlled by three buttons.  The plus and minus do exactly what you’d expect, adjusting vibration intensity up or down.  The power button, in addition to turning the toy on and off, is the key to accessing vibration patterns.  Just press and hold the power button for three seconds to switch.  Unlike the Magic Wand Rechargeable, you can adjust the intensity of vibration for each pattern.  I know lots of folks don’t care about patterns, but I love a nice fast pulse and being able to adjust its power level thrills me to no end.

Doxy Die Cast case

Finally, the Doxy Die Cast comes in an attractive silver-gray zipper case.  The inside is foam lined to keep your wand secure and protected like the treasure it is.  This is not a toy that belongs in a satin drawstring bag, and Doxy has provided it with fitting accommodations.

Doxy with MWR

Sizewise, the Die Cast is roughly comparable to the Magic Wand Rechargeable.  Length is similar, and the heads are close enough in size that most Magic Wand attachments should fit.  I can vouch for Vixen’s Gee Whiz working just fine.  The Die Cast is heavier, however, and that could be a concern for those with arthritis or strength issues.  The price difference, at about $65, is significant.  Personally, I prefer the Doxy’s power and rumble (not to mention appearance) and I don’t think the price is out of line for the features and quality of the product.

All in all, the Doxy Die Cast lived up to my expectations as a powerful, high end (and badass) wand vibrator.  If you want to splurge on a sex toy that looks as good as it feels, the Die Cast is a solid option.

I received the Doxy Die Cast free of charge from Doxy in exchange for my honest review.  You can purchase the Die Cast (in a multitude of colors!) from my friends at SheVibe.











































































































































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