Anticipation and Adventure

Anticipation.  It’s delicious and terrifying at the same time, poised on the brink of a new adventure with someone you’ve been crushing on.  Savoring the slow progression from “fun to imagine but couldn’t possibly happen” to “wait, was he checking me out?” and starting to wonder if maybe something could come of it after all (yeah, pun is absolutely 100% intended).  It’s like clicking your way slowly uphill on a roller coaster, your stomach full of butterflies as you think of the rush on the other side.

The situation occupying my mind right now is not a romantic one in the least.  This is Grade A, pure, trying not to slide my slick knickers off the barstool sexual tension.  But though neither of us is exactly prudish, and the conversation has gotten seriously dirty, the physical line remains uncrossed.  I’m itching to remedy that, and pondering various approaches that might do the trick.  My favorite way to do that is by testing them out in fantasy form, like an erotic Choose Your Own Adventure book.  It’s brainstorming with a served with a generous side order of orgasms.

Choose Your Own Adventure Books

Who else is old enough to remember these?

The options started with the tried and true.  Once upon a time, I lured a friend to take things to the next level with a shy smile and two simple syllables.  “One kiss?” I asked, and in short order he fulfilled that request.  But coy is not the way to go here, I’m several miles beyond the sweet and innocent act with this one.  That route goes nowhere.

On another memorable occasion, I simply removed my shirt and sat myself shamelessly on the lap of my intended paramour.  Highly effective, but not well-suited to a meetup in a public venue.  This calls for something a touch more subtle, because getting arrested would definitely quash my hopes of getting laid.

Next, I wonder if he might surprise me and go there first.  That would certainly be fun, given my attraction to quietly dominant people.  It also wouldn’t be out of character.  Our discussions have been known to suddenly veer off in unexpected directions, often because of a skillfully dropped question.  In my fantasy adventures, this option usually leads to a rapid pivot from chatting to sex, often a quickie in a car or restroom.

I’ve imagined getting there via a seemingly innocuous discussion of linguisitics…

“French isn’t that hard to learn, but there are a few tricky things you have to remember or you can get yourself in trouble.”

“Can you give me an example?”

“Well, ‘donne-moi un baiser’ means ‘give me a kiss’.  But if I used ‘baiser’ as a verb, I’d be saying ‘fuck me’.”

And then I’d pause to sip my drink, watching his face to see if that lesson clicked.  In my mind, the resulting sex is playful, with lots of teasing and sexy bedroom banter.

Or maybe a tutorial on hair-pulling technique (as shown here, around the nine minute mark…enjoy!).  I’d guide his hand through my hair, and I can say with 99% certainty that my intent would be crystal clear before he fully closed his fist.  The fantasies that follow this intro sequence are marvelously rough and kinky.  I’ve surrendered control, and he takes full advantage of that.

A discussion about sex toy technology could be fun, and it’s a subject near and dear to my heart.  I could use that opening to invite him in to see some of those fabulous inventions.  This path leads to scenes where he watches me play with my toys before joining in.  This time, I’m leading the way.  And I like this one because toys plus open-minded partners equals awesome.

Then again, it’s possible that I’ll fail completely at cleverness and just blurt out a proposition.  Which could be awkward but there’s something to be said for directness, even when it isn’t pretty.  This choice is scariest because it doesn’t have a logical, fixed outcome in my head.  There’s no build up, no easing in…it’s me doing a full-on cannonball without cautiously dipping a toe in the water first.  Ironically, that’s also what makes it appealing.  No more waiting, no more dancing around the idea, just grabbing the reins and putting it all out there like a boss.

So which outcome will it ultimately be?  Will I be bold or subtle, playful or serious?  There’s no way to know until I make my choice, turn the page and let the adventure begin.  But in the meantime, I’m going to thoroughly enjoy considering my options.


I eventually met up with the person in question, and if you bet on “blurt out a proposition”, then you were correct!  The evening was wrapping up, and I finally just shamelessly put things out there.  A few minutes after that, we were in the elevator up to my hotel room and a VERY pleasant evening ensued.  Here’s to taking chances, and the valuable lesson that the direct approach is often best.






  • Molly
    November 18, 2017

    And? What happened, did you, have you, do you still want to….. oh the unanswered questions.


    • Lunabelle
      December 8, 2017

      I did, I have, and ooooh yes I’d happily do it again if the opportunity arises!

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