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This was a hard review to write.  The Iroha Stick is not a vibrator I love, but there are a lot of things I like about it.  I can think of at least half a dozen vibes in my collection that I’d rather use on any given day.  But there’s a place for this toy in the world, even if it’s not up against my genitals.

We’ll get the negative out of the way first: the vibrations on the Stick are not strong.  Unless you’re currently using a watch battery bullet, this won’t impress you. Even my sensitive clit, which can get overwhelmed by too much direct stimulation, is not wowed by these vibrations.  But since it’s powered by a single AAA battery, I didn’t expect the Earth to move when I turned it on.  The vibrations don’t feel numbing or uncomfortable, they’re just kind of bland.  I will say that like most buzzy vibes, it’s actually more enjoyable on the low end of its range because the vibrations feel lower-pitched and deeper.

Iroha Stick vibrator

On the bright side, the Stick‘s silicone tip helps atone for the shortcomings of its vibrations.  It’s slightly squishy, with a concave tip and a V-shaped cleft in one side.  Holding the whole surface of the tip over my clit for wider stimulation was pleasurable but wouldn’t result in an orgasm before the battery ran out.  But if I also moved it in a circular motion so the soft edges of the tip rubbed over my clit, then orgasms happened.  It’s like a cross between using a vibrator and squishing off.

The Stick also has some other positive attributes.  It’s small, and truly discreet.  You could hide this vibrator in your purse or makeup case easily.  And being powered by an old-fashioned battery means no charger to keep track of, and no worries about your vibe being discovered while you power it up.  It can run for up to 5 hours on a single battery, so it can easily get you through weekend travel or a business trip.  My younger self would have overlooked the weak vibrations and delighted in having a vibrator that my parents and/or roommate would never notice.

Iroha Stick vibrator

The Stick is waterproof to a depth of 20 inches, so it would be safe for use in the shower and most bathtubs.  That also means it’s easy to clean in the sink, which is what I love most about waterproof toys.  It’s also quiet, so if you’re looking to use it in a dorm bathroom or the shower at your parents’ place, no one will be the wiser.

The vibration level on the Stick is controlled by a dial on the base rather than buttons.  On the plus side, dials allow for more precision tuning of vibration settings, and eliminate issues with bumped buttons during use.  But one-handed adjustments are easier on a vibe with buttons, so your style of vibe use will dictate whether that dial is a pro or a con.  I don’t make many in-use adjustments to vibration settings, so I had no issues with it.

Finally, the Stick is a well-made, body safe sex toy that’s also affordable (around $22).  Whether you’re dealing with a limited budget, or just want to try out a vibrator without dropping big bucks, the Stick lets you choose a product made of good materials from a reputable brand.  The world needs more trustworthy toys in the under $30 category, so kudos to Iroha for recognizing that need.

You can buy the Iroha Stick at Vibrant , one of my very favorite online shops.  If you’re interested in something squishy but with more power, you should check out Iroha’s Tori and Kushi vibes.  If you’re looking for lipstick/bullet size vibe with lots of power, you should direct your attention to the Tango.


I received the Stick free of charge from Iroha in exchange for my honest review.  Thanks, Iroha!

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