Review: Jimmyjane Live Sexy Ascend 4

Thanks to my wand-loving blogger buddies (notably Wand Queen Sarah Brynn Holliday), I’ve been venturing more and more into the land of vibrators that provide broader, deeper stimulation.  But as much as I’ve come to appreciate wands, they are usually large and don’t lend themselves well to travel.

The Ascend 4 from Jimmyjane caught my eye because it seemed to offer the best of both worlds: broad stimulation in a compact package.  It’s rechargeable, waterproof, and has a motor at each end for versatility.  And all this for the relatively low price of $65.  What’s not to like?

Jimmyjane Ascend 4 on white bedsheets

Sadly, there’s a lot not to like.  On paper, this vibrator looks like a champ.  In reality, it’s more of a chump.  I powered up the Ascend 4, expecting something like the deep, resonating dual motor rumble I get from my beloved Swan Wand.  Instead, I got moderately powerful but relatively shallow vibes.  The dual motors on this toy are always on the same setting, so there’s no glorious resonance as the motors play off each other.  It just feels like one particularly large motor buzzing away.

Jimmyjane Ascend 4 on marble counter

The vibration of the Ascend 4 are the kind that leave me feeling itchy or numb rather than satisfied.  There’s some rumble along with the buzz, but I feel the vibration mostly at skin level, not the deep sensations that wake up my internal clitoris.  Not only does it leave my vulva feeling numbed, my hand is also affected from holding the buzzy thing.

During one testing session, after an extended length of time passed without me getting anywhere close to an orgasm, I stopped, thinking that perhaps my body was just having an off day.  Maybe it wasn’t about the vibration quality.  But when I picked up the Swan Wand a few minutes later, arousal and orgasms followed quickly.  Sorry, Ascend 4…it’s not me, it’s you.

There is a huge difference in the power of the vibrations between the large and small ends of the Ascend 4.  The small end is respectably strong if you don’t mind the buzz.  The large end is weak, probably because a relatively small motor is buried within a large hunk of silicone.  Dampening those already shallow vibrations renders the broad end of the Ascend 4 ineffective for me.

This vibrator also suffers from a poorly positioned single button control system.  The button is on the shaft in the middle of toy, and it is small.  Intentional setting changes are hard, as I kept losing track of where exactly that little button was in relation to my fingers.  Inadvertent setting changes, however, happened frequently when I adjusted my grip or flipped the toy around.  If you want to insert the smaller end of the Ascend 4, the button will end up inside your body, rendering power adjustments impossible (or at least really awkward).

Three large pink vibrators - Ascend 4 in center

I loved the idea of the Ascend 4 , but the execution leaves a lot to be desired and I can’t recommend it.  If you want a powerful dual motor vibe that really resonates, get yourself a Swan Wand instead1.  For a smaller handheld toy that offers rumbly/thuddy vibration, the Mimi Soft would be a better option.  If you want a wand vibe that’s portable, powerful and affordable, consider the Mystic Wand.

I received the Jimmyjane Ascend 4 free of charge from Shevibe in exchange for my honest review.  Thanks, Shevibe!

  1. As a bonus, both ends of the Swan Wand are comfortably insertable…if one is a girth enthusiast/member of size royalty.  And yes, I did try to insert the large end of the Ascend 4.  At a very firm 2.75 inches in diameter, I don’t recommend it!

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