This is Lunabelle, your hostess and ninja sex blogger.  I’m a dildo connoisseur, girth enthusiast, occasional erotica writer and general undercover sex geek. I’m a ninja in transition, recently ending my marriage and starting life as a single mom.  I’m definitely old enough to know better but still young enough to misbehave anyway (in other words, my age starts with a 4).

If you met me in my day-to-day life, you probably wouldn’t peg me as a sex blogger.  You’d see a business woman, a mother, just another ordinary member of the community.  This space is the little corner of my world where my opinions and ideas roam unfettered by societal expectations, where I can be unabashedly me.

I’ve been collecting sex toys for over a decade.  For quite a while, I made the mistake of buying awful, chemical-smelling jelly toys.  My friends sold them at Passion Parties, they were available at very low prices online, they felt soft…I didn’t realize the harm they could do to my body.  Thanks to the efforts of fabulous bloggers and sex educators (check the blogroll!), I came to see the error of my ways.  They taught me how to find safe, awesome toys made of platinum cure silicone, glass, ceramic, aluminum, stainless steel and even wood.  They taught me about lubes without glycerin and parabens.  I realized that a toy doesn’t have to vibrate to be amazing… in fact, most of my collection is made up of dildos.  I realized that I have a greedy vagina that loves big, girthy toys, and I refuse to be ashamed of that fact.

Fantasy toys are a big part of my jam.  I’ve tried so many unconventional and amazingly satisfying shapes, toys of different proportions and textures that look nothing like human anatomy.  Spreading the word about sex toy artisans and their unique designs is one of my key blogging missions.   If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, I’d be happy to help you find it.  You can use the contact form, email me (ninjasexology on Gmail) or find me on Twitter (@ninjasexology).

As far as vibration goes, I like it deep and rumbly but usually not at high power.  Most of my vibes don’t get used above their middle setting.  I am not a fan of pinpoint stimulation, my clit tends to find it overwhelming.  I own a Tango so it can confer its magical vibes upon my dildos, not for direct clitoral use.  I like my vibes in the broad to semi-focused range.  I do enjoy internal vibrations when they’re strong enough to rock my G-spot, buzzy internal vibes have no place in my toy box or my vagina.

If you like what you see here and want to pick up some toys for yourself, please consider clicking the affiliate links in my sidebar.  Purchases made through these links help support my blog.